Netizens respond to Sakura's post about Le Sserafim's Coachella stage

Netizens respond to Sakura's post about Le Sserafim's Coachella stage


Article: "Terrible vocals" criticisms on stage... Le Sserafim's Sakura "Best stage"

Source: The Joongang via Naver

[+998, -11] We understand that you worked hard and it was difficult to get there but let's not forget that you're singers... the second generation of K-Pop groups had nothing but their pure determination and will to rely on to make K-Pop what it is today and they had vocal skills as the very foundation of their talent. If you chose to accept a stage in representation of K-Pop, you should've at least performed up to the standards set by your profession... Why should the audience have to feel nervous over your own singing? Surely you've watched back your own stage and realized that there's something really wrong with this? ㅜ I hope Le Sserafim is able to improve from this and achieve more.

[+590, -10] People pay money to see you perform, not watch a bunch of kids put on the equivalent of a talent show. No one's asking for you to "not make even one mistake on stage" when you've never even showed a perfect stage to begin with.

[+379, -10] It's crazy the excuses people will make for someone who's failing at their very profession ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they were sad, they worked hard, all these excuses, and yet no actual changes

[+248, -4] No one's perfect, you're right, but there are standards that the public expects you to meet. Unfortunately, you don't meet those standards. Instead of being stubborn and pushing forward like you guys did nothing wrong, please look back on your performances. Don't brush off the criticisms as hate. Prove that you're worth the fame and the money you're making right now. 

[+214, -9] Kura-ya...... perhaps staying quiet might've been the better move here... hoo...

[+126, -3] This is your job, you have to be good at it... if the rest of us are bad at our jobs, we get fired

[+101, -3] She's an example of precisely why Japan's idols have never achieved what Korean idols have been able to. Why AKB met a downfall and why Japan does not have their own BTS. They all have this same mindset, that "there's no need to work harder to put on a perfect stage for the audience, all that matters is that we think we did well." Is Le Sserafim the start of that mindset spreading in our industry too? To try to bring Korean idols down to the level of Japanese idols?

[+81, -1] They have way too many fans and fame for how little talent they have

[+67, -1] Can you imagine if a doctor failed a patient and was like "nobody's perfect." How can you make excuses for your professionalism like this? Why do you even bother with getting this far if this is going to be your mindset?

[+65, -2] If all that matters is that you had fun, then go sing at a karaoke bar. The only people who should be having fun are the people who paid to see you there...

[+51, -1] Sakura... for someone who debuted three times, your skills are the worst of them all...

[+46, -1] Sakura, what's your excuse for being like this when it's been 10 years since you debuted?

[+40, -0] If you truly believe your stage was "the best" you could do, then you have no right to call yourself a professional and should just retire

[+37, -1] No one asked for perfection. We asked that you just live up to the most basic of standards. You'd be selfish to even expect praise for your skills at this point.

[+32, -2] Honestly, you guys were embarrassing... you should aim to become a K-Pop group that doesn't leave your country feeling embarrassed of you. We all put our heads down hearing your live, don't you think actual pros should would feel the cringe? If you didn't feel the same, then perhaps you should become dancers instead.

[+31, -1] If all that matters is that you think you did well, then stay home. That is such an irresponsible excuse to give in this situation. Being an idol is a job and you're expected to do better.

[+31, -1] Do you not consider yourself a professional? Can you imagine if a pro athlete completely flunked a game or a match and all they had to say for it was that they're happy they did their best and it's the process that matters? That's what amateurs say! You should not be paid professional money for amateur performance!

[+25, -0] Kura-ya, it doesn't matter that you had fun, it matters that the listeners didn't ㅡㅡ

[+24, -0] This isn't right. The public is telling them that they lack singing skills and she's refuting it like "I did my best" and that's all that matters. You realize your career relies on public support? 

[+23, -1] Everyone worked so hard to build up the K-Pop market just for the Hybe ba$tards to break it all down ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Le Sserafim, ILLIT, low quality products made to spam the market and completely destroy it from the inside it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ how completely in line with how Korea has always been historically 

[+22, -1] This is exactly the kind of thinking I'd expect from a former Japanese girl group member


SourceNate + Nate

[+140, -2] She's really trying to tell herself that she did a good job ㅎㅎㅎ as expected of the Japanese mindset of growing thick, steel skin to hide any humiliation over your own actions

[+90, -3] People like her can never be fixed. It's like talking to a wall. She can tell herself that she did a good job, she did the best she could all day long, and she'll never improve...

[+63, -1] That's quite shameless of her to say

[+49, -0] Please just go practice your singing

[+44, -0] How do you not get that these controversies happen because you're so bad at singing?

[+16, -0] All of this would be solved if they just called themselves a dance team and not 'singers'

[+16, -0] I'm speechless. If you have no talent, at least have some humility.

[+33, -0] Info: Sakura has 14 years of singing experience

[+26, -0] I don't care for idols but this whole thing made me curious and look up their stage. Yeah, it's pretty bad...

[+6, -1] This is fun

[+3, -0] These idols never know their place because their fans will always coddle them no matter how bad they are

[+2, -1] Kkura-ya, staying quiet would've been better for you ㅠㅠ

SourceInsight via Instagram

[+1,362] Sometimes staying quiet is the better solution

[+150] If this stage was the result of your best effort, then perhaps you should be glad you're still young and go look for a new job

[+148] ㅋㅋㅋ This is not Japan

[+53] So f*cking bad at singing, about as good as anyone off the street

[+165] This is not the time for you to still be working on your skills. Are you going to be this bad until the day you retire?

[+648] Perhaps change your name to Sagura (gura = lie)

[+30] Is this the typical Japanese idol mindset?

[+18] And this kind of thinking is why she never improves

[+205] So this is why she must not know how bad her actual skills are...

[+259] Wait, this stage was the "best you could do"????

[+374] Why are you doing this to us.....

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