Our naked newsreader has got the top stories of the week… but can viewers remember ANYTHING she said? We put them to the test

Our naked newsreader has got the top stories of the week… but can viewers remember ANYTHING she said? We put them to the test


 IT'S Boobs at Ten!

Our naked newsreader has got the top stories of the week, but how much attention does the audience actually pay to what she says?

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Inspired by the au naturel presenters from the Naked News Network, who recently stripped off to take part in some traditional Ukrainian dancing, we decided to test out whether nude news is the breast way to get a story across.

Brave Sun girl Kelly stripped off and delivered a risque report, watched by three unsuspecting viewers.

Her news in briefs featured stories about sprinter Usain Bolt, who was caught partying days before his last ever sprint race, and Danniella Westbrook's latest romance.

As Kelly revealed that Bolt downed booze and danced with girls at an all-night BBQ, our viewers couldn't help but snigger, with one admitting: "I can't stop looking at her boobs."

Following the report, a clothed Kelly asked the audience questions about what she'd said - and unsurprisingly, it turned out they'd clearly been a little distracted.

Asked to recall the size of the crowd who watched Bolt pull up with a hamstring injury at the World Athletics Championships, not one of them could remember how big it had been, despite being told it was 60,000 minutes earlier.

Like Bolt, one viewer also fell down when asked about the sprinter's 100m world record time, though two managed to answer correctly.

Kelly's second story concerned claims that former EastEnders star Danniella is pregnant with toy boy fiancé Alan Thomason’s child just weeks after meeting him.

When asked questions about that story, one of the viewers could bare-ly remember who "Alan" was and none could recall the name of his angry ex Charlene, who blasted the baby rumours.

One viewer admitted they were "so distracted", adding: "I just don't believe that all this was said. I can tell you which of her breasts is bigger than the other."

Glad they were clearly focusing on what's important.

Kelly signed off with a weekend weather report in the buff, revealing it's set to be a nippy one in Wales.

Asked if they could remember the top temperature, one bashful viewer admitted: "This is just embarrassing now because I don't know."

At the end of the report, our audience was left suitably red-faced at the amount of nude news they'd managed - or rather, not managed - to take in.

One confessed: "I didn't listen to anything," while another said they "got distracted" when Kelly's boobs "juggled about" as she spoke.

In its heyday, Naked News attracted more than six million viewers.

Our cheeky experiment suggests the main reason people tune in isn't to keep a-breast of current affairs...

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