Parents share what they learned from watching 'Bluey'

Parents share what they learned from watching 'Bluey'

The anthropomorphic cattle dog has been captivating her target audience and then some. We spoke to parents about how the show has provided comfort and guidance in the wild world of parenting.

Who is she? Bluey Heeler is a six-year-old Australian blue heeler that is the protagonist of her eponymous children's show — as well as several toy collections, an album, books and a popular stage show.

The show follows Bluey, her little sister Bingo, and her parents Bandit and Chilli as they all experience the challenges and joys of family life.

Bluey's got a big imagination, lots of energy, and even more questions about how the world works (in other words, a very accurate representation of the average six-year-old.)

What's the big deal? Aside from her name dominating the search bar suggestions on YouTube as soon as you begin typing the word "blue..."?

In July, the newest season of Bluey dropped on Disney+. And as has become very clear, kids aren't the only ones who enjoy following the Heeler family and their gang of characters.
Plenty of parents have shared online how the writing, humor and subject matter of the episodes have captivated them alongside their kin, made them feel seen among the struggles of parenting, and allowed them to bond as families.
That's no accident, by the way. Joe Brumm, the show's creator, said he wanted to create something that parents could enjoy alongside their kids.

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