Korean Girl Abducted And Taken Away In A Suitcase In The Philippines

Korean Girl Abducted And Taken Away In A Suitcase In The Philippines


Local residents immediately volunteered with leads.

An eight-year-old Korean girl was abducted and taken away in a suitcase on August 10, Thursday. The incident occurred in Cebu Island, Philippines, where the girl lives with her parents.

According to officials and media reports, the girl was taken from her home around noon on Thursday. The suspect, in his 30s, broke into the house and waited for her. After the girl came home, the suspect was caught on surveillance camera leaving the house dragging a large suitcase.

The suspect fled the scene in a car. The parents came home later, found their daughter gone, and reported it to the police. The local law enforcement and the Korean consulate in Cebu launched a joint effort to rescue the girl.

The suspect was caught on the same day in the evening, and the girl was reunited with her family. Korean residents in Cebu joined the rescue efforts by providing leads about the suspect’s car on social media, including details like the model and registration number.

After her rescue, the girl appeared unharmed but was still hospitalized for further checkups. The Foreign Ministry in Seoul notified the media about her safe return home on Friday.

The parents conveyed their gratitude to the Korean Embassy for their quick response in this case and swift action in rescuing their daughter.

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