Historic Cat Photos on International Cat Day

Historic Cat Photos on International Cat Day

Earlier this century, the International Fund for Animal Welfare declared August 8 to be International Cat Day, a day set aside to celebrate our feline friends, which apparently just can’t get enough attention. To honor this day, I’ve gathered a small collection of archival images of cats and kittens below. Fashions and technologies may change over time, but cats never go out of style.

#1.The original photo caption from March 23, 1959: "Hep cat. A real live kitten on the keys, this music-loving feline lends vocal accompaniment to his mistress in Worcester Park, England. As Marion Holland 15, plays the piano, Money the cat joins in the singing." #

#2.The feline mascot of the Australian light cruiser HMAS Encounter peering from the muzzle of a six-inch gun, sometime during World War I #

#3.A woman photographed with her cat at the C. M. Bell Studio in Washington, D.C., sometime between 1894 and 1901 #

#4.A street butcher prepares to feed the cats and dogs lined up in front of him. #

#5.The whiskered face of a sleeping cat in 1929 #

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