attrakt Former Attrakt girl group The Lush member speaks up in defense of CEO

attrakt Former Attrakt girl group The Lush member speaks up in defense of CEO

Article: "CEO-nim is someone who made sure our group got paid even when we were still in debt" The Lush member tears up during interview

Source: News 1 TV Entertainment via YouTube

[+1,500] I saw other interviews by this group and they said that for seven years, the CEO never took them to dinners with investors or advertisers... which is surprising, if you know anything about the industry, and especially about how much harder it is for smaller agencies. The CEO seems like he has clear morals about how he wants to run things, and it's amazing that he was doing this 10 years ago.

- [+122] We all know why CEOs bring their girl groups to dinners with investors... to offer up a one night service.

- [+115] Yes, this member claims that he never once brought them to any unsavory location and stressed that a singer only needs to worry about singing well and to leave the business stuff up to the company~~

[+953] The CEO is no longer their current CEO but The Lush members keep calling him their CEO, which shows how warm he must've been to them. I don't know how you could ever betray such a person...

[+446] The Lush... I've never heard of this group and looked them up to take a listen, and their vocals filled up my speakers. I can see why the CEO adored them so... I hope that their songs get the spotlight that they deserve and that things work out for their former CEO as well. 

[+329] It's hard to receive such positive feedback from a former employee like this. He really does seem like a kind person. 

[+178] I can feel her genuine respect for him ㅠ find strength, CEO-nim. The entire country is supporting you!!!

[+266] How kind he must've been towards everyone for people like her to come forward in his defense... He's lived a good life

[+874] Aigoo, she is such a kind person ㅠ She said that she's sad she's not more famous than she is to be of more help ㅠ I can really feel that she wants to help him

[+60] Nothing but good stories come out of this man the deeper you dig. I've never heard of The Lush until today and they have some pretty good songs like 'I Belong to You.' I hope we can create a world where the kind are rewarded. Find strength!!

[+91] She teared up while expressing her gratitude for him... you can just feel how preciously he treated his people. I wish men like him would succeed in this industry so that they can spread their positive influence to more celebrities.

[+410] I'm just sad that it seems like he's far past the point where he'll be able to recover this girl group... I hope Ahn Sung Il gets criminally charged, that scamster who thinks the debt belongs to the CEO if the group flops, but every hit belongs to him ㅋㅋ

[+201] Hard to believe that a CEO like him has existed in our industry at all


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