Video of Curvy Woman in Figure Hugging Dress Preaching on TikTok

Video of Curvy Woman in Figure Hugging Dress Preaching on TikTok


An elegant lady has become popular for preaching about Jesus Christ and Christianity on TikTok.

Her TikTok handle, @ndikumagenge___ is filled with videos in which she encourages Christians with powerful messages.

In one of the videos, she was preaching about the need for Christians to always pray and not stay away from the presence of God.

Lady causes stir with her beauty and dressing while preaching

She said being too busy to pray or staying away from the presence of God is actually a form of spiritual attack.

The lady told Christians to pray without ceasing because that is the will of God as enshrined in the Bible.

But some TikTok users said they were distracted from the lady's preaching by her beauty.

She was dressed in a tight gown that covered her body very well but showed her entire curves in an eye-popping way.

Some people who saw the video said they could not take their eyes off her figure while she preached the message.

Others, however, praised her for covering her body well and using her beauty to serve God through preaching.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to video of a lady preaching the gospel

Zari Hassan goes to church in suggestive dress

South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has confessed to going to church in an exposing dress.

Going on her Instagram, the mother of five shared a lovely photo of herself in a black tight dress. She displayed the big split in the back and admitted it was inappropriate for going to the house of the Lord.

Zari however took solace in the fact that she never sat in the front seat because when she arrived at the church they were all occupied leaving her with the option to take a back seat.

According to Zari, the dress could have aroused the sexual feelings of the pastor if she had sat in front.

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