Screenshot: How Man Broke up with Girlfriend

Screenshot: How Man Broke up with Girlfriend


A single mother has cried out online as her relationship with her fiance hits the rocks.

In the chats which she shared via her TikTok account, the young man advised her to sell off the ring because he no longer wants to marry her.

He went ahead to suggest that the single mother uses the money gotten through selling the ring to take care of her daughter.

Reacting to her lover's stand, the young lady broke down in tears and begged him to change his mind. She also shared a video crying uncontrollably after the break-up.

Watch the video below:

Single mum cancels wedding as fiance rejects her daughter

Meanwhile, previously reported that a beautiful woman thought it wise to cancel her imminent wedding after her husband-to-be and his family members made an impossible request.

The single mother was previously in a relationship which produced a child. However, the relationship didn't work out, and she met another man who was interested in her, and they got engaged. Shortly after the engagement, her husband-to-be and his family insisted that she doesn't bring her child into her matrimonial home after marriage.

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