Kian 84 jumps into the Ganges River

Kian 84 jumps into the Ganges River


Article: Kian 84 goes into India's Ganges River, a river infamous for its pollution

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+661] The river is too dirty to just enter at whim for fun or adventure... The river is known to have half-charred dead bodies floating around in it... Why did he go in at all??

- [+128] Because it's Kian, after all..

[+449] Please don't come back to Korea... I'm scared he might've caught some contagious disease

[+243] It's not just dirty laundry water and excrement that the river is known for, they literally have corpses floating down it... I saw it with my own eyes. I don't think anyone could step foot in it after seeing something like that. I know that it's a holy river to the Indians but it's highly polluted on a hygenic level ㅠㅠ

[+229] Trying new and adventurous things is great and all but... this is crossing the line...

[+207] He seems to adjust to all the cultures he visits very well...!

[+204] Ugh, come on...

[+187] I know he probably went into it thinking it's a rare experience and that people will think he's cool for it but imagine if he caught a virus from it? And then came back to Korea and spread it? We've all gone through the pandemic, you can't think that your selfish actions won't impact everyone else anymore.

[+156] He better not come back to Korea and spread some diseases ㅡㅡ

[+58] I've heard of tourists trying to go in but even Indians will stop you because of the concerns of getting skin diseases. The river is known to be a place where you put your dead to rest, whether the bodies are cremated or not...

[+49] Hyung, you are plenty funny without having to submerge yourself in poop water

[+44] Isn't this the river that was filled with corpses when COVID was really bad? 

[+33] There are so many people who have gotten deeply ill after going in... I wonder what Kian's immune system is like. 

[+32] The river is so polluted that even its own country has given up on cleaning it...

[+23] Now that I hear he's been in the Ganges River, even his own name Kian 84 sounds like a virus

[+20] It's great to see him embrace different cultures without hesitation like this but... for the sake of his health, I hope he went and immediately showered after this ㅜㅜ...

[+20] The river is where they cremate their corpses and is filled with rat poop... it's dirty ㅜㅜㅜ

[+11] I'm sure he's not doing this for viewer ratings... but I'm still amazed that he'd do this at all...


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