Alisha Lehmann: How football's most followed woman is changing the game

Alisha Lehmann: How football's most followed woman is changing the game


More than the best

Many would expect World Cup winners Alex Morgan or Megan Rapinoe to be the most followed online, but Lehmann has more followers than them and fellow Swiss ace Roger Federer.

Promoting the sport

The Swiss forward has been a positive voice in the women's football community, using her platform to push and promote England's Women's Super League.

Back to football
Lehmann now has a gigantic following and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, but let's look back at her journey as a footballer away from social media stardom.

According to, Lehmann was voted the sixth hottest female footballer in the world, earning brand opportunities with Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Frisotrading.

Instagram - @alishalehmann7 

Fight against misogyny
Lehmann was at the forefront of UEFA's campaign against online abuse last year but still sees negative comments about women's football regularly.

Changing perceptions
According to, after speaking about how some men view women's football, Lehmann said: "Those people haven't watched a single football game. That's the problem because when they come to the games and watch us, they go: 'You actually can play."

In Switzerland
Alisha Lehmann started her journey in football at the age of five. After being inspired by her brother and cousins to play, she joined the FC Konolfingen Youth Academy.

Instagram - @alishalehmann7

Professional start
The Swiss social media sensation started her professional career with Swiss club BSC YB Frauen, making her debut in the 2015-2016 season aged 17.

Goal scoring record
Across three seasons in the Swiss Nationalliga A, Lehmann scored 25 league goals in 52 matches, including her best scoring season in the 2017-18 campaign, bagging 16 goals in 28 games.

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