Alica Schmidt: The German athlete everyone is talking about

Alica Schmidt: The German athlete everyone is talking about


One of the most promising sprinters

Alica Schmidt is a German track-field athlete who has garnered considerable attention for her exceptional athletic skills and jaw-dropping looks. She has emerged as one of the most promising sprinters in recent years.

Born in Pulheim, Cologne

Born on November 8, 1998, the German athlete has forged a name on the international stage. Raised in the small town of Pulheim, near Cologne, she dedicated much of her time to sports and training.

Her true talent

Schmidt's passion for sports began at an early age, she started playing for a local football team in Cologne. However, it was during her early teenage years she discovered her true talent was sprinting.

Natural speed and agility

Blessed with natural speed and agility, she quickly rose through the ranks and caught the attention of coaches and sports enthusiasts alike.

Breakthrough moment

Schmidt made her breakthrough on the international stage during the 2017 European Athletics U20 Champions in Grosseto, Italy. She competed in the 200-meter sprint and delivered a great race time of 23.70 seconds.

A true fighter

A great display of strength and determination that gave Schmidt a silver medal! Her impressive performance in the 200-meter sprint showcased her remarkable potential.

Consistently improving

Ever since her silver medal in Grosseto, the young German athlete has been on an upward trajectory. Schmidt has continued to dominate her national and international sprinting scene, consistently improving her performances.

400-meter and 4x400-meter relay

The fact she constantly pushes herself and challenges her human limits makes her a world-class athlete. Schmidt's primary race focus now is on the 400-meter and 4x400-meter relay races.

European Indoor Championships

A major defining moment in Schmidt's career came in 2019 when she was summoned by German National Team to compete in Glasgow, Scotland. She took part in the European Indoor Championships, facing stiff opposition from other season athletes.

Nerves of steel

Nevertheless, she displayed nerves of steel and clinched a well-deserved bronze medal in the 4x400-meter relay.

Stunning looks!

Beyond her sporting achievements, Schmidt has also become an internet sensation, garnering a substantial fanbase on social media platforms. Her stunning looks and athletic powers have gained her a worldwide reputation.

A world-class athlete

She has been featured in various publications and health magazines. Schmidt often argues she is misjudged and labeled a "sex symbol" purely for her looks when in reality she is a world-class athlete!

Being on the track, trying to push myself...

The German athlete demands others value her as a successful runner because that is what she is. "Being on the track, trying to push myself to the absolute limit, that's the feeling I live for," shared the German athlete.

A voice for the track and field community

With 3.7 million followers on Instagram, she has become an active voice for the track and field community, speaking out on issues of gender equality and equal opportunity.

Paris is the dream

Schmidt has only one goal in mind and that is Paris 2024. She has been very grateful for the opportunities granted by modeling agencies and fashion brands but she is an athlete at heart.

People's perceptions

"I'm lucky I have such an amazing support system around me. I'm focusing on what I want to achieve as an athlete and I try not to let other people's perceptions dictate my behavior or opportunities," she told SunSport during an interview.

See you in Paris!

With Paris in her sights, she is undergoing strict training to arrive in prime form. The up-and-coming 400-meter races will be thrilling to watch!

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