Trot singer Hae Soo passes away at 29 years old

Trot singer Hae Soo passes away at 29 years old


Article: The trot singer who left a will and commit suicide is 29-year-old singer 'Hae Soo'

Source: MBN via Naver

[+581, -11] Hae Soo-nim, rest in peace 😭

[+534, -10] I'm 33 years old myself and was laid off last year due to COVID and have been living anxious days as my unemployment payments run out and my job applications remain unanswered... She was only a '93er and yet died at an age where life could begin anew again, where people are only starting to reach the beginning of their peaks... As a fellow peer, I feel so sad for her. I pray that she may rest in peace, and would like to tell everyone else in their 20s/30s that we are the hope for our future, so please don't give up on your lives γ… γ… 

[+519, -60] Is our country truly hell? So many people are committing suicide, so what's it matter if our economy is the top 10 in the world! Everything has succumbed to capitalism while our society lives in anxiety with everyone losing their humanity... we're all zombies.

[+415, -9] Such a beautiful and kind-hearted person... How unfortunate. She was a graduate of the Korea National University of Arts, which means she was a hard worker... What could've tormented her so... I hope that she rests in peace with only the happiest memories to savor.

[+184, -8] If only she could've considered leaving her industry and giving life another try... γ… γ… 

[+78, -1] I've decided to drop out of the competition that our society places on every aspect of our lives from employment to marriage. At first I felt as if I was having to console myself by saying that I wasn't giving up, that I was just choosing to pursue my own freedom, but now that I'm a year out, I've realized how much more comfortable I am and how easier I feel in life. Please find a way to stop comparing yourself to others and to live life according to your own skills. That is how you will achieve freedom. Life is short and all the sadness and happiness we feel will all come to an end someday.

[+38, -1] How unfortunate, is all I can say...

[+35, -1] A Korea University of Arts graduate... she was super talented.. how unfortunate

[+28, -1] She worked so hard to get here, I'm sure that only better days were awaiting her... γ… γ…  what was so difficult to end her path here... May she rest in peace.

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