Song Minho slammed for his long hair during service at his sister's wedding

Song Minho slammed for his long hair during service at his sister's wedding


Article: Song Minho's long hair during 'alternative service' under controversy... "isn't he in training?"

Source: MBC News via Naver

[+1,504, -7] So is disability a choice for these people? They can function normally in events like this but suddenly can't when it's time to train?

[+608, -3] Why do celebrities all suddenly get disabled when it's time to serve? Weren't they fine when they were going on world tours?

[+328, -4] Why was he on TV all this time when he's too sick to serve? He should've taken a break from TV too.

[+283, -1] YG kids are just...

[+280, -2] He seemed alright on 'I Live Alone,' going camping and all... I do know that he has a panic disorder but it didn't seem to stop him from having meet-ups in England and hanging out with a ton of people????

[+46, -0] So what's wrong with him again? Because he was out drinking, going on international trips, camping, etc on TV? 

[+30, -0] Such an easy life for celebrities... He claims he's bipolar and suffers from panic attacks but he has no problem getting on planes and going to foreign locations, dancing, partying... all that's okay but not training for the army? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+20, -0] If he's too sick to serve, he shouldn't even be coming back to the celebrity industry. If you're so mentally ill that you can't serve, what makes you think you're able to work? Just stay home and get treatments for the rest of your life.

[+19, -1] He got out of the army for his panic disorder but look at him flying out to the US and dancing around a huge party of people like that with his tongue out


Source: Insight iva Instagram

[+2,039] He's walking his dongsaeng down the aisle in place of their father who passed away... I can't stand how people are letting their own resentment cloud their judgment of the situation...

[+971] Whether he's gone through training or hasn't gone through it yet, it doesn't really matter how long your hair is in public service....

[+703] I also served in public service and my seniors never gave me crap about having long hair. It's not like we're treated like normal soldiers anyway... it's basically a way for the government to employ people with disabilities and get free labor out of them...

[+421] I have also been diagnosed with bipolar disease and I actually wish that it was a disability that could be seen from the outside. I may look normal but I'm dying on the inside. I find it ridiculous that people claim he seems fine on stage so he must be fine on the inside... like what do you want him to do at this point? Commit s*icide to prove to you that he's suffering? 

[+356] Whether you find his hair appropriate or not, can't you just congratulate his dongsaeng on her wedding and move on? Especially when you know that he's there in place of their father?

[+335] Just leave him be. It's not like he is in alternative service by choice. 

[+221] I always find it funny how someone with both bipolar and panic disorders is able to be on TV just fine

[+155] The point of the controversy is the length of his hair during service so why are his fans trying to drum up sympathy by talking about his late father and his dongsaeng's wedding? ㅋㅋ Public service soldiers are still expected to keep an appearance in line with their service, and hair of that length just two months into enlistment is not appropriate. And for videos of his behavior like this to surface when he knows that the public is aware that he is in public service because of his bipolar and panic disorders? He should know better as a public figure ㅋㅋ He's setting a bad example. Can you imagine if all public service soldiers went around looking like this? ㅋㅋ

[+47] If he's an active duty soldier, then yes, the hair is problematic... but if he's a public service soldier, who cares how long his hair is???

- How about you read the article... Public service soldiers still have to go through training, and everyone gets their hair shaved in training like everyone else. The problem with him is that he's only two months into his public service enlistment and yet his hair is that long, which then people dug in to find out that he actually never went to training at all and was put in public service from the beginning. 

[+16] Damn, so he never had to go through training and went straight to serving out of his home every day, what an easy life

[+10] I can give him a pass on the long hair but how is he able to fly out overseas? And how has he not received training yet?

[+6] These comments accusing him of "choosing his disability" are going to give me a mental illness. ㅋㅋ Obviously he looks fine on TV because it's all staged and edited;; Have you not seen all those celebrities who've committed s*icide look like they were doing just fine on TV right before? How do you explain that? You have no idea how much Song Minho may be hurting on the inside, and you're all just busy hating on him for the sole fact that he's serving public service. By the way, he also has an injured neck disc;; I love how netizens are always like "We're so sorry that we didn't know" when a star commits s*icide but when someone is open about their mental struggles, they're quick to accuse them of "laying the groundwork" for getting out of service. Like, what do you want them to do?

[+1] Soldiers can travel overseas if they get permission...

- I don't think it's the traveling that's controversial, it's his hair

- I agree, but I have seen public service soldiers enter training later in their enlistment. I'm currently in service so I'm aware of that. I think people are being too aggressive. 


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