Sakura's live skills called into question on Le Sserafim's encore stage

Sakura's live skills called into question on Le Sserafim's encore stage


Video: Sakura's skills called into question after Le Sserafim's encore live

Source: Issue Feed via YouTube

[+100] Sakura's dancing has improved a lot but I don't know about her singing.. Kazuha and Hong Eunchae still have a ways to go, and it's Heo Yoonjin and Kim Chaewon who are carrying the team with their better vocal skills. Le Sserafim is still lacking in the live department. 

[+50] Our Kkura is working hard and improving a lot.. ㅠㅠ

[+49] Kkura has improved in both visuals and skills since her IZ*ONE days, I think any fan would agree with that. You can tell she's worked hard and studied a lot to get this far... but I will admit that her skills are still a bit lacking. I was watching the encore and thinking she could do better... Le Sserafim may be known for their talents but they're still a rookie group so it makes sense that they still have things to work on... though this is Sakura's third debut. 

[+49] I noticed with the encore that Eunchae's really improved a ton... She started vocal training late but she's definitely a lot better than Zuha and Kkura, though not as up there with Kim Chaewon and Heo Yoonjin yet..

[+38] As a fan, I'll admit that Sakura isn't extremely talented or anything but she's been improving with every album... Kkura-ya, fighting!! ❤❤

[+34] Singing alone doesn't really make up an idol these days. It's all about the star potential with the combination of visuals, dance, and performance. Fans will continue to support them because they love them for both their skills and their flaws, so I hope people don't go in too hard on the girls. They're all fully worthy as idols aside from the singing so I'll continue to support them~ Kkura-ya ♡

[+32] Sakura's dancing has gotten better but her vocals are still very shocking... I noticed Le Sserafim pretty much lip syncs all of their music shows. IVE and New Jeans may not be talented but at least they don't lip sync everything... I think the public is pretty lax about Le Sserafim!

[+31] At least she still tried to sing live, unlike some who just avoid it completely

[+20] Hybe really doesn't care about vocal skills. They pick based on dance skills and then spruce up the rest with a good concept ㅋ

[+20] NMIXX >>> StayC Aespa >>>>> Ive New Jeans >> Le Sserafim

[+19] It's just something she's going to need to work on. Obviously outright hate and unconstructive criticism are bad but if Sakura wants to continue as an idol, this is an aspect of her career that she's going to want to work on. 

[+17] I've been watching Kura since her IZ*ONE days so it makes me sad to see this because I think she's improved a lot and worked hard at it.. ㅠ

[+16] Never did I think I'd see the day that I think IVE is the better live singer

[+16] Sakura's voice is so shaky, it makes me sad..

[+14] Yeah, she's not talented, but the idol industry is such a f*cking mess that it's not even that big of a deal. Aside from two or three teams, there is not one group that can handle both stable live singing + dancing. Idols are all about the performance anyway so it doesn't even matter in the end. Life's already sh*tty anyway, the least we can do as viewers is to show some respect to the people who are raking together all the skills they have to entertain us. The fact that she's trying to sing live at all even though she's terrible makes her an artist already. Much better than singers who just sit there while mouthing their lips to some ballad while pretending to sing.

[+12] I don't think Sakura's been getting proper vocal lessons till she got with Hybe. She sounds a lot stronger now and her pronunciation is better, but when you consider that she's been a singer for 10 years and is only this far... Well, she got her dancing fixed so... time for the vocals!!

[+10] Sakura's got her dance skills up so it's time to work on her singing

[+9] Aside from Chaewon, they all sounded pretty nervous. I hope one day they can throw an encore that can be enjoyed by themselves and fans alike like Big Bang's encores. It's unfortunate that they probably have to cut back on vocal lessons to dedicate more time on their difficult choreography.

[+9] I think the public is well within their rights to offer criticism, as long as it isn't any excessive hate... If they want a long-running career, they will need to work on handling their feedback. 

[+8] I have a feeling Sakura has hit the ceiling for her singing skills. Even her usual talking voice sounds shaky because there's no strength in it, I doubt her singing can become any stronger..

[+4] I respect all idols but I will always admit when some need improvement. Kkura is a hard worker but she's going to need to listen to some sharp feedback if she wants to grow (I'm not defending the netizens who hate on her.. I'm talking about constructive feedback and opinions).

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