New YouTubers leave in dismay after facing the struggles of making it as a full-time YouTuber

New YouTubers leave in dismay after facing the struggles of making it as a full-time YouTuber


Video: Reality is harder than it looks... YouTubers are leaving YouTube

Source: SBS News via YouTube

[+1,500] Most people who end up full-time YouTubers usually start the channel as a hobby on the side of a full-time job and then make the transition later on, but people who start YouTube channels with the intention of making it their full-time job usually lack the content and fail to understand what makes YouTube appealing to the general audience. They all end up failing.

- [+108] And that's the truth~~~ So many people seem to think that they can hit daebak by just opening a channel but everything is a process that requires a build up of experience. Sure, maybe 1 out of 100 can be that rare case, but it's not the norm.

- [+38] Back in the old days before YouTube, people would often say things like "I want to just quit and run my own business." That's now become, "I want to just quit and start a YouTube channel."

[+966] People need to realize that successful people in any industry are successful because they have a talent for that type of work or because they worked hard for it. It's like seeing a successful insurance salesman and thinking you can make that kind of money too, or seeing a YouTuber make millions and think you should start a channel too. It's just not that easy... YouTube itself requires endless creation of new and innovative content, and you'll end up getting tired of editing videos if you try to do it all by yourself.

[+619] Chasing money's understandable but you'll only be happy at the end of the day if you enjoy what you do

[+608] Being a YouTuber only looks easy because it's someone else doing all the work. It's a highly competitive arena...

[+239] YouTube is heaven for those that make it

[+198] Starting a channel is fine if you intend to treat it as a hobby but don't go into it thinking it's easy money. And the #1 advice established YouTubers give is to don't base your channel around vlogging because no one's really that interested about your life. Even celebrity vlogs get low views. 

[+163] It's just not an easy career. One controversy and your channel is done for. You constantly have to deal with the stress of hate comments and editing videos. Way too much to manage.

[+160] Being a YouTuber means you have to live an ethical life, never cross any lines, switch things up every six months to attract new subscribers, listen to the hundreds of feedback that you receive by the hour, etc. We all think being a YouTuber is easy because we only see them in eight minute spurts, but there's a lot more to it behind the scenes. 

[+152] From the perspective of a viewer, all these channels just blend into one another in the end... the YouTube market has become so saturated...

[+141] YouTube's the type of career with a low barrier to entry so anyone can jump into it but that also means it's that much harder to find success in it

[+58] I remember a YouTuber was asked by a subscriber about their opinion on quitting a full-time job to pursue YouTube full time and they said don't do it. Do YouTube on the side while keeping your day job and try to turn your day job into YouTube content. Let's all find strength, fighting!!

[+81] It makes sense that YouTube is volatile. It's not a productive job where you're paid for as hard as you work, and it's also not a fixed job where you know what you have to do day in and day out. It's a job that requires other people to choose you, and it'd be weird to think that anyone can make it. 

[+42] Selling your face to the public is a stressful job... The best combination for any job is making lots of money + no one knows who you are.

[+60] Having charm is more important than anything else as a YouTuber because it's a job that requires pulling people in. It's more important than being pretty or handsome. 

[+51] There's nothing free in this world after all

[+47] YouTubers are constantly telling people not to quit their day jobs because you never know when you might get the rug pulled out from under you

[+35] If you want to start YouTube, please just do it as a hobby or as a way to make side money. Don't quit your job for it ㅠ anyone can become a YouTuber but not everyone can make good money off of it

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