Man arrested for opening Asiana plane door in air causing 9 injuries

Man arrested for opening Asiana plane door in air causing 9 injuries


Article: The man of terror who opened the plane door, blaming it on his break up with his girlfriend?

Source: Munhwa Ilbo via Nate

[+936, -7] If you wanted to end your life, you should've just gone it alone, what have you caused to all these people ㅠ

[+931, -8] He deserves to be dumped.. cowardly ba$tard..

[+730, -5] Aigoo you terrible fool!!!

[+41, -0] Charge him for compensation for fixing the plane door + losses by the airline + compensating all passengers + penalty... along with additional charges for terrorizing the plane. He really must've wanted to experience life in hell mode.

[+29, -1] What does your break up have anything to do with opening the plane door, you idiot...

[+25, -0] Sigh, hundreds could've died and he still hasn't been arrested yet? He deserves to be charged with something as strong as murder

[+21, -1] Date a Korean man and end up getting beat on dates, break up with him and risk unleashing his terror on society, turn one down and put yourself at risk of stalking or murder... marry one and they expect you to submit your life to their family and raising children.. tsk tsk

[+21, -0] Cowardly ba$tard...

[+16, -0] If the break up is true, the woman did good to break up with him

[+15, -0] His break up should have no bearing on any of this, he's just a psycho

[+14, -0] I can see why he was dumped now, tsk tsk tsk

[+13, -0] This was an act of terror. Hundreds of lives could've been list. Charge him severely, whether it's for attempted murder or anything above it. 

[+13, -0] This is so ridiculous... so your girlfriend dumped you and your first thought is to go kill yourself and everyone else on your plane? He just deserves the death penalty first and foremost...

Article: Even the man who opened the Asiana plane door suffered from breathing issues

Source: E-Daily via Naver

[+3,813, -14] He needs to be charged with violating aviation law. He committed a terrorist act with 200 lives on the line. If he's going to plead the Fifth, the court needs to aggravate punishment. 

[+1,395, -7] Release his identity and ban him from ever getting on another flight again

[+643, -29] He's only up for 10 years in prison?... He put everyone on that plane at risk and only 10 years... Our country's laws are so hopeless. At the minimum, he should be given the death penalty or kicked out of the country for good.

[+269, -7] Crazy... go alone if you want to end yourself

[+200, -16] So much suffering on behalf of the flight attendants

[+146, -2] If this had been an American flight, he would've been tasered and tried as a terrorist in court. I wonder how Korean law will deal with him when we're already known for being so lenient with our criminals.

[+90, -0] That's a terrorist

[+52, -1] Life in jail. He could've seriously killed hundreds with what he did.

[+51, -0] He claims it wasn't premeditated but he knew how to open the emergency exit door of a plane?? I've been on planes several times but even I didn't know it could open like that. I heard there are three steps to opening it? It's not just a regular door where you pull a knob and it opens.

[+50, -1] The emergency exit should just be reserved for flight attendants only

[+31, -1] So many psychos in this vast world


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