Karina gets noticeably louder cheers compared to everyone else at college festivals

Karina gets noticeably louder cheers compared to everyone else at college festivals


Article: Giselle reacts to Yonsei students who cheer loudly only for Karina

Source: Drama Gallery via YouTube

[+153] The difference in the volume of the cheers is really bad... I understand having a particular member who's your favorite but considering that this is a festival meant to be enjoyed by everyone, it wouldn't hurt to just open your heart and cheer for everyone equally.. I'm quite disappointed in this group of supposed intellectuals.

- I agree, the students lacked basic manners here

- You can't ignore how much more of the pie Karina and Winter hold in the group.. speaking coldly, if Ningning and Giselle released a duet and Karina and Winter did, which one would get buried? 

[+119] The gap in popularity can't be helped but they should still be cheering for all the members equally! Aespa is a team!!!!

[+98] It wouldn't hurt anyone to give Giselle more support. What was SM even thinking with this? Should've just released Karina as a solo ㅋㅋ poor Giselle.....

- [+13] SM won't even let her shoot CFs alone, it's not gonna happen

[+81] That's so sad.... I don't think I could keep a straight face on either

- [+7] Being ugly's a crime, I guess... what can you do when Karina's just prettier

- [+1] Yeah, I'd rather not force my debut if this is how I'm going to be treated in comparison...

- [+1] Karina's basically become the next Suzy

[+81] Why won't anyone recognize Giselle unni's stunning charms..

[+56] Aeri-ya!! Don't let this get you down! You're doing great and I know you'll get even bigger!!! My bias ❤️

[+55] The real ones know that Giselle's the best bias

[+51] Aeri-ya, you're the best! Don't let them get to you! Don't listen to people who don't know you! Keep your shoulders straight because I'll always love and support you! ❤️

[+42] I was there that day and Karina definitely had the loudest cheers out of all the girl groups who visited. It wasn't just targeted at Giselle, and there's nothing any of us can do about that gap in popularity.

- [+4] I still think the most respectful thing to do is to cheer for everyone equally, even if you don't know that particular celebrity

[+42] Giselle unni find strength ❤️

[+33] I wouldn't even go as far as to say this is just a difference in popularity... People just naturally react louder to prettier people. Karina had the loudest cheers out of any idol that day. 

[+32] There can't be anything done about the difference in looks that they are born with but Giselle has a charm of her own that's extraordinary ㅋ she's witty, good at keeping physically and mentally healthy~ she's the type to get more popular the more you get to know her ㅋ!!

[+22] All of the Le Sserafim members got equal cheers in their festival videos. It definitely feels like their fans are equal fans of the group compared to other groups. The popularity gap between the Aespa members, it can't be helped...

- [+11] Yeah but Le Sserafim all look equal in terms of looks

[+16] Giselle's not popular because she refuses to manage her weight. She's the type to order fried chicken after a workout. She also can't dance and is always getting the moves wrong, which would be fine if you had a lot of other members to cover for you, but there are just not enough members in Aespa for mistakes to go unnoticed. It's obvious Ningning dieted intensely for this comeback but Giselle is still getting moves wrong when she's the one who cut past trainees of years thanks to being the daughter of Lee Soo Man's girlfriend's friend. 

[+12] Giselle is a much-needed member of the group! She speaks English, Japanese, and Korean and is important for the group's international advancement! Especially for the money that you can make in Japan!

[+11] She only debuted at all because of her aunt anyway~ and her uncle-in-law-to-be is not even in SM anymore, so..

[+10] I wish school festivals would just cheer for everyone equally... it's a festival, everyone should be having fun 

[+7] Their popularity gap is just too big ㅠㅠ

[+1] I suppose they should be grateful that they're even in the same group as Karina...


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