Female nursing officer caught trespassing into BTS Jin's military unit

Female nursing officer caught trespassing into BTS Jin's military unit


Article: Female nurse officer makes unauthorized trespass into BTS Jin's unit

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver + Naver

[+280, -6] How can someone logically think that this is okay? 

[+172, -4] That's so damn scary, she's basically a stalker

[+156, -7] So not only did a nursing officer leave her station without authorization, but she also trespassed into another station and gave out vaccination shots. Not only is this a violation of private information but also unauthorized access of medical and pharmaceutical equipment. The military knew of this and still chose to pass over it without any penalty. The more they stay quiet on these matters, people will only feel brazen enough to commit greater and greater acts of crime. Please dole out a heavy punishment and make an example out of her.

[+49, -1] Jin has been serving in the 5th division from the beginning. That means that this nurse had access to his unit information from another nurse who probably works in Jin's unit. It actually gives me goosebumps that these people call themselves nurses when they aren't scared at all to use their positions to commit such illegal acts. The military better not try to bury this and make sure that everyone involved is punished to the fullest extent. 

[+36, -0] Nevermind the suspicions about whether she gave vaccination shots out or not, but how could she think of taking unauthorized leave from her own unit just to see a celebrity? That's far past the point of insane.

[+20, -0] Let's change the genders here for a second. What if a male officer snuck into an idol's locker room or wherever they were at when they were invited to perform, and asked for pictures and autographs?

[+17, -1] She would've been in a huge medical lawsuit if she had given him any shot

[+12, -2] Singers are humans too.. can people please learn where the line is. Would you like it if someone did this to you?

[+10, -0] That's definitely stalking. Every training unit has its own nursing station, there's absolutely no reason for a nurse from another unit to travel over just to give a shot..

[+10, -0] Go down on her with the hardest punishment of the law

[+6, -0] Jin can't escape stalking even in the army ㅜㅜ please fire that female officer

[+5, -0] That's scary

[+3, -0] Imagine if she had actually attempted to give him a shot? She would've had to ask him to pull down his pants so she could place the shot on his buttocks~~ she really traded not only her career but her career's honor just for a chance at a BTS member's butt ㅋㅋ

[+3, -0] She ruined her life just to a celebrity....

[+2, -0] Discharge her and throw her in military jail


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