doctor cha 'Doctor Cha' depicts the impossible standards for working moms in Korean society

doctor cha 'Doctor Cha' depicts the impossible standards for working moms in Korean society


Article: 'Doctor Cha' depicts the reality of highly-educated working moms... "I don't have a wife of my own"

Source: JTBC via Nate

[+345, -27] The funny thing about grandmothers is that when the daughter-in-law stays at home, they accuse them of enjoying themselves off the money their husband makes, so when the DIL goes and gets a job, they complain that no one's home to take care of the husband and the kids, that they can't possibly be making enough for it to be worth it, that children need a mother at home... The catch about being a working mother is that you can afford to buy your kids all that they ever want or need only for them to grow up and complain about the mother's "absence" in their childhood and how it hurt them, but when the mother stays home to take care of them, they grow up to complain about they never got to afford to do or pursue anything and it's become a 'han' for them as adults... like what are mothers supposed to do anymore??

[+266, -23] We live in a world where even doctors suffer career setbacks just for being a woman. How can our society expect women to give birth and raise kids when the very act of having a child is what holds you back in life?

[+135, -10] Just make it simple and provide parental leave for both genders

[+29, -2] Women still have to sacrifice way too much after marriage in our society... and it doesn't matter if the woman has a high-paying career or a wealthy family. It just means that she has to provide a bigger share of the pie than the man in the end... 

[+18, -3] Now that you mention it.. I, too, wish I had a wife at home to run things so that I can just focus on my career. But I was born a woman and enjoyed only a few shiny years of independence before getting stuck raising kids and doing housework for over 10 years with nothing to show for a career other than my old age.

[+11, -0] Successful people always have someone behind them to do all the supportive work

Source: Naver

[+846, -27] The drama's even more tragic because it's so true... Our society demands that we stop giving birth if we don't want to be on the weaker end of the stick. Either change society or make up for the dwindling workforce with immigrants and AI.

[+588, -178] But once you raise a child yourself, you'll realize just how important it is for a mother to raise her child herself

- [+181, -0] My husband's been a stay-at-home dad for the first three years of my child's life. Both mother and father's roles are important, and they make up for each other in the qualities that the other lacks. That's the point of child-rearing... that it should be done together.

- [+15, -0] Kids do just fine being raised by dads alone

[+407, -9] Wow.. I never stopped to think that I don't have a wife at home to do all the supportive work.. and now that I think of it, it's true... ㅜ

[+342, -11] Women, please do not give up your careers... I know that they'll do everything to persuade you to stay home with your child.. but when you have no career to go back to, you'll be stuck in a position where you're accused of breaking your husband's back ㅜㅜ

[+232, -37] There's nothing to fight over. Just don't have kids.

[+178, -3] When women feel that the pressure to raise a child in our society is too much and choose to enter the workforce, they're told that they're selfish for it... so when they do have a child and need to take maternity leave, they get told that "this is why women are no good at work" ㅜㅜ all the while hearing nagging from the in-laws while doing all the housework at home, the difficult life of a Korean woman.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 

[+129, -4] The drama frustrates me to no end... but ah... this is our reality, and it makes me even sadder. Fortunately, the comedic parts of the drama help me get through the frustrations a bit.

[+132, -9] Just dropping in to pay a moment of respect to all the people raising children and taking care of their homes. I know news like this can make them feel worthless at times but.. giving birth, raising them, keeping a clean home, making sure meals are on the table, sending them off to school and activities... it's a full-time job. And the only reward is that your kid will sometimes do aegyo for you, which makes it all worth it, and the peace of mind that your child is not being raised by a stranger. It's difficult work, and I hope the husbands acknowledge that~

[+118, -0] A family just does not run itself. It's through someone's sacrifice that a family is made and maintained.

[+74, -4] I'm someone who got married out of nothing but love... like I was literally told that we were crazy in love.. but now that I'm a working mom myself and I see how my husband and I can do the same job both at work or at home, but he gets praised for it while I get treated like a criminal... and it makes me regret getting married at all. I do not recommend my own daughter to get married.

[+68, -6] Such a lack of support from the husbands who are only able to maintain their careers thanks to the sacrifices of their wives at home...

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