Cafe declaring 'no senior zone' and restricting entry to 60+ sparks online debate

Cafe declaring 'no senior zone' and restricting entry to 60+ sparks online debate


Article: Cafe declares 'no senior zone' for people over 60 years old

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+904] Want me to be honest? There are plenty of old people who go to these cafes in groups of 3-4 and sit there for 5-6 hours while sharing a cup of coffee and eating food that they packed like rice cakes... In the end, it's up to the business owner how they want to run things.

[+804] It's obvious the owner made this decision because so many elderly in their sixties have been acting disrespectfully and harming the business...

[+471] We can't judge because we haven't seen what the owner has suffered

[+465] Obviously something happened for such a decision to come about. I'm sure the owner's gone through a ton of stress on their own before coming to this decision. 

[+375] It's up to the business in the end~ I don't think it's right to put down the cafe for coming to such a decision... because I'm sure the owner has their own reasons for declaring such a restriction.

[+346] Perhaps we should all consider how we'd feel if we saw such a sign after turning old..

[+203] I'm seeing a lot of comments saying it's okay for businesses to do this because old people are acting rude, but how would you feel if you traveled to a foreign country and saw signs like 'no Koreans'? Would it be okay because the business had previous experience with nasty Koreans? We are all our own individuals, it's unfair to group people in like this, and it's actually quite dangerous. I'm living in the US and when I tell them about how Korean businesses have 'no kids zones,' they all look surprised. I think we need to all learn to be more lenient towards others. We are all born as children who grow old into elderly. We were raised by the same old people that we will one day become. 

[+152] If anything, I wonder what led the owner to this. A cafe in my own neighborhood has a restriction on teens dining in and I asked them what happened and they said it was the only way for them to protect their staff... Instead of seeing signs like this as a simple matter of 'elderly attack,' you have to consider how the elderly have been behaving for businesses to counter like this. There are so many who are quite simply just rude and make things harder for everyone else. 

[+195] I work at a fruit grocery and there are a ton of elderly who are nasty... I know you might think "surely not my own mother? father?" but we see a lot more than you do... Sure, not everyone's like this, but more than half of the elderly are pretty terrible... They'll speak informally to you, throw their money at you... a lot just don't act their age.

[+122] It's understandable to me because I was at a cafe yesterday where a table of old farts were told that they can't smoke indoors so they poured their cups out on the table and threw their cups out, threatening the staff to report them if they can. There are some neighborhoods where the elderly are just not tolerable, and signs like this are caused by these old farts. I'm not condoning the cafe's sign but I can also see that there was likely a series of events that led them to this. Oh, that reminds me of another elder who complained about the milk steamer being too loud so they threw a brick at the cafe's window, just what the f*ck

[+89] To all the people hating on this cafe, I dare you to work just a month in a business with a lot of elderly patrons. Your love for humanity will disappear... They just can't be reasoned with. Just thinking about it is giving me stress again. 

[+19] If you're a business owner, you will know that 99% of the worst customers are those over 60

[+8] If people are okay with 'no kids zones' because of children misbehaving, then why are they not okay with 'no seniors zones'? Because their feelings will get hurt? Don't children feel hurt too? Either way, it's up to these businesses in the end, and we should all respect their decisions, no kids or no seniors alike! ㅋㅋ 


Source: Nate

[+2,037, -148] There must've been a lot of terrible customers at that Incheon cafe

[+1,864, -289] I think this will also turn away customers in their forties and fifties... that cafe will go bankrupt soon...! ㅎㅎ

[+176, -58] Before jumping to hate on the cafe, shouldn't the first step be to find out what happened? There are a lot of elderly customers who are pretty terrible people. Restaurants or cafes run by women are 99% patronised by grandpas who sit there all day trying to hit on them. They'll hit you if you don't listen to them, which was actually in the news a few years ago. There's another example where a group of old people caused a ruckus at a woman's bakery. I know it's not all of them but they really need to fix their behavior. 

[+111, -28] ㅋㅋㅋ I'm a small business owner myself and I'll admit ajusshis in their fifties are so terrible ㅋㅋㅋ They refuse to listen to while shouting in loud voices

[+108, -26] Grandmas and grandpas are always traveling in huge groups. They'll take up multiple tables, order one cup of coffee with extra empty cups to share among themselves. The cafes in front of churches are filled with elderly sitting in circles and praying together. I always just go somewhere else.

[+61, -23] Imagine if your own parents were being treated like this... some of you have no shame

[+58, -8] It's always the elderly in businesses who are shouting in overly loud voices, watching YouTube with their volume all the way up... Please listen to your politics and trot with your earbuds in, they're only 10,000 won at your local Daiso...

[+39, -8] I wonder how you guys would feel if you were vacationing with your parents and tried to drop in a cafe for a break only to be met with that sign?

[+39, -5] The world's getting so crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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