biztech The men's beauty market is on the rise

biztech The men's beauty market is on the rise


Article: Eyebrows filled, lips tinted... more men are wearing make up with masks off

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

[+1,230, -120] And yet women don't really find charm in men who wear thick makeup~ if anything, they avoid them

[+356, -16] Let's just limit it to BB cream and eyebrow tattoos... anything more is ㅜ

[+339, -8] It turns me off when I see male celebrities wearing so much makeup on screen. It distracts me from the drama.

[+168, -19] That doesn't make the ugly go away though

[+76, -7] Women don't actually like it when men wear makeup though

[+47, -3] I have never seen a man with makeup on on when I'm out and about. Sounds like an article that is paid by cosmetics companies. I also don't like women actually find makeup on men appealing. It's understandable if men are doing it for their own satisfaction, though...

[+27, -1] I prefer men with no makeup!

[+28, -3] I'm okay with lip balm... and low coverage cushion or BB cream... but anything more than that is too much. I noticed foreigners call Korean men 'gay' because of this.

[+20, -1] The best thing a man can do for his looks is get a nice car/house.

[+15, -0] Maybe a full makeup look isn't necessary but sunscreen, lip balm, shave, eyebrow tattoos are all great. Either way, it's up to the person in the end, man or woman, if they want to wear makeup or not, so our opinion shouldn't matter.

[+14, -3] Eh, I don't like it.. It's fine if they're doing it for a special occasion like a wedding or job interview but.. imagining a man wearing lipstick and puffing cushion foundation on their face makes me ughh.

[+10, -2] You can tell how outdated the men in these comments are, still questioning society like "Since when have men been wearing makeup?" Sure, back in the olden days, women may have been willing to marry you even if you were butt ugly, but times have changed and our society has advanced, and women have standards now, even for looks. The men's beauty market is exploding and the trend of society is that it's no longer weird for men to be wearing it... Too bad it's always the ugly ones who don't take care of themselves who whine about how pretty women don't want them ㅎ


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