Aespa undergoes image change for first comeback without Lee Soo Man

Aespa undergoes image change for first comeback without Lee Soo Man


Article: Aespa's first comeback without 'Lee Soo Man,' all of the changes seen through their 'Spicy' music video

Source: Issue Feed via YouTube

[+138] I personally like this new concept than their old Kwangya stuff

[+72] I'm kind of disappointed that their concept is more 'high-teen' now.. there are already too many girl groups with the teen concept, and I was already at a point of getting tired of it.. I liked that Aespa's concept was more futuristic...

[+69] Their concept hasn't completely changed. They're still world building on the Gwangya stuff. 

[+48] I'm personally a fan of the change because it feels like they're back to the old SM vibe... Their past songs were great but Aespa's really back to a vibe unique to SM.. am I the only one who thought that.. ㅠ

[+45] Their concept does really feel different now that Lee Soo Man's gone

[+35] This new concept is like Aespa became New Jeans-fied

[+34] Their new song feels more like Red Velvet than Aespa

[+33] They made Karina look way too much like Taeyeon...

[+31] I feel like this comeback took away their identity

[+29] I actually liked their past concepts

[+19] I kind of liked how ridiculous Aespa's Gwangya concept was, though..

[+17] They kind of give off that small/mid-tier agency idol feel...

[+16] Am I the only one who misses Gwangya...

[+12] Their styling has gotten so much prettier

[+11] I'm sure there might still be people who miss their Gwangya concept but I personally like this new concept! It's great to see them try something new instead of sticking to the usual Gwangya calling.

[+10] Feels a bit awkward to have their image go through such a drastic change.. ㅠㅠ

[+4] Guys, they explained that their next concept was going to be more warrior-like ㅜㅜ

[+2] It's pretty obvious SM is trying to erase all traces of Lee Soo Man's vision so it's funny that fans are still holding on to the "world building" ㅋㅋ

Article: "Are they finally done with Gwangya?" Aespa's outfit style changes up drastically with first comeback in 10 months

Source: Insight + Insight via Instagram

[+273] I like that Ningning looks a lot prettier, but it feels like the group has lost its unique color with this change. Especially Karina and Winter. They looked so good with the AI/futuristic styling.

[+112] I prefer their previous style...

[+103] I think they're going to have to go back to Gwangya

[+84] They were one of the few unique groups.. but now they look like everyone else..

[+21] I guess I'm the only one who prefers Gwangya...

[+17] It's like their coordi thawed out a 2010 style time capsule... I actually prefer their music video outfits

[+13] This is a bit... hmm..

[+13] Please go back to Gwangya ㅠ

[+8] Karina matches cool-toned hair better 😢

[+3] Yeah, sure, let's say the virtual characters were eaten up by the Black Mamba so the members ate the blue pill matrix and this is their new concept now

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