The 2-legged dog, who was abandoned on the street by her owner due to a deformity, imparts to the world a lesson in incredible bravery.

The 2-legged dog, who was abandoned on the street by her owner due to a deformity, imparts to the world a lesson in incredible bravery.


Abandoned by his owner because he was born with only 2 legs

On Christmas Eve 2002 in the US, a small dog was born with a birth defect. The dog has only 3 legs, of which 1 front leg is shrunken and completely unusable.

Perhaps this is what makes the mother dog abandon and not give her milk. The owner looked at the condition of the puppy born with a deformity with only two hind legs and felt bad, and saw that its health was not good, so he thought it could not be saved, so he threw it out on the street.

Luckily for her, the little dog was seen and taken care of by mother and daughter Jude Stringfellow. Then the little dog regained consciousness but was still very weak. At that time, everyone thought that this poor dog would not survive.

The little girl lost her front legs. Photo: baijiahao

Therefore, many people suggested that Jude Stringfellow give the poor little dog an euthanasia injection.

However, Jude’s family decided to adopt and take care of her. At the same time, Mrs. Jude gave the little dog the name Faith – which means Faith. She hopes that the little dog can keep her faith and do miracles.

Faith’s two-legged journey

In the early days, Faith struggled with a skateboard that Mrs. Jude had designed for her. For a long time Faith had to move by leaning on the skateboard and pushing forward with her hind legs.

However, after that, Mrs. Jude trained Faith to stand upright with jumping exercises. This strengthens Faith’s hind legs and makes it easier for her to balance when standing upright.

After half a year of persistent practice, Faith was finally able to stand up straight and run anywhere she wanted on her hind legs. And one of Faith’s favorite destinations is the park. Here, the dog happily plays with everyone without fear or worry.

Faith confidently ran and jumped on her two feet. Photo: bidu

The fact that a dog can walk on two legs makes Faith quickly become the center of attention. After everyone learned about Faith’s story, they were deeply moved and expressed that it was unbelievable that the little dog had such an extraordinary energy. So everyone gave Faith great love and admiration.

The little dog and the ability to heal the soul

Being a dog with a birth defect but then being able to walk on her own made Faith quickly become famous and appear on many TV shows.

Besides, there are also many newspapers reporting about this special dog. Faith even has her own book called “With a Little Faith”.

After that, Faith also became a “healing psychologist” and alleviated the emotional trauma that wounded soldiers suffered after the war. At the same time, she is also the one who brings life motivation and the will to fight illness for seriously ill patients in the hospital.

Faith became a psychiatrist for many patients. Photo: Internet

Miss Jude Stringfellow later decided to quit her job as a teacher and planned to take Faith around the world. With the message that I want to convey to everyone: “Even if you don’t have a perfect body, remember you can still have a perfect soul”.

Faith and Mrs. Jude Stringfellow enjoyed each other’s company. Photo:Internet

Hopefully through the story of this extraordinary little dog can help us have more faith, effort and never give up before fate.

This is similar to the saying “when God closes one door, He also opens another door for us”.

In that difficult period, as long as you can persevere through it, you can win everything.


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