Starbucks barista slams customer’s ‘hack’: ‘We delete the order’

Starbucks barista slams customer’s ‘hack’: ‘We delete the order’

The internet is rife with hacks for your Starbucks order — but this one went way too far.

A worker from one of the coffee chain’s locations in Massachusetts shocked TikTok this week by showing off a brazen attempt to get a free beverage by a life-hacker with no shame.

Barista Sinead Robbins posted an image of a label showing a customer had purchased just a 5-cent bag in the online app, and then tried to include their whole drink order in the extra “order request” section.

The patron wrote, “Hi, could I please have a grande strawberry creme frap with no whipped cream and a strawless lid,” before adding in a chirpy “thank you!”

Robbins was not impressed by the app scheme.

“This is not a Starbucks hack,” the 22-year-old says in the clip, which has been viewed over 4.2 million times. “It was a little bit funny but it won’t work. We canceled the order.”

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