Somehow Seperated From Mom, They Find Themselves On Their Own, Struggling To Survive As Winter Rolls In!

Somehow Seperated From Mom, They Find Themselves On Their Own, Struggling To Survive As Winter Rolls In!

Back in early November two tiny gray kittens somehow became separated from their Mom and are left trying to survive on a construction sight!

In early November, Nadija, along with other volunteers from AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, drove two hours to rescue two 3 week old kittens found struggling to survive at a construction site.

After arriving at a vet clinic, the two tiny survivors had been destined to the life of Barn cats, however, Nadija knew they deserved a much better start to life and that’s what she intended to give them.

Things got off to a great start once the kittens arrived at their new home at Nadija’s.

Given the time of year, it seemed more than appropriate for the two sisters to be named Holly and Noelle.
And after their first meal, they drifted off to sleep with full tummies, all the while purring away.

Only to quickly reawaken with renewed energy to tackle the cat tree.
And then take another break from all the action.

Sadly not long after arriving the two, seriously cute, sisters began having tummy issues, making for a rough 24 hours which was quickly brought under control with good meds and soft food.

After a few days, the tiny duo was well on the road to recovery, assisted by loads of soft food with two outgoing personalities quickly coming to the fore.
After recovering from their stomach issues things moved along in fast order with a quick mastery of the litter box, then onto moving onto soft food permanently by the time they were five weeks old.
They were growing so fast that by the time Christmas rolled around Nadija found she had tiny out-and-out cats on her hands. Ones who very much loved Christmas trees and chewing Christmas lights.

Now at nine weeks, old this sweet pair are ready for their new home.

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