Seal attack in Clifton a reminder to respect marine wildlife

Seal attack in Clifton a reminder to respect marine wildlife


Another seal attack has been reported on a Cape Town beach, this time in Clifton.

Last year in October a beachgoer on Fish Hoek Beach in Cape Town was chased by a Cape fur seal while trying to snap a picture of the wild animal. But that was not the last attack of the month. According to IOL, a teenager survived a seal attack when a group of youngsters swam up to the seal to try and touch the animal at Strand Beach.

In a TikTok posted by the user The Sicilian Wifey, a seal can be seen attacking a boy on Clifton beach before a group of men rush to his aid and release it back into the waters. The seal attacked again, this time a young woman in the water by biting into her hand. Anecdotal reports from beachgoers on the day suggest that some people were allegedly taunting the seal before the initial attack.

@thesicilianwifey Seal Attacks twice! #cliftonbeach #sealattack #capetownbeach ♬ original sound - The Sicilian Wifey

The City of Cape Town has previously reminded that seals are wild animals and urged the public to not feed nor touch them if they are spotted.

‘They are not to be fed, neither should anyone try to approach or touch them’ said the City of Cape Town in a statement 

The City further reiterated the following reminders for public and marine safety in the statement:

  • Seals are wild animals and should not be approached, or touched
  • Feeding wild animals habituate them to people which is harmful to the animal, as well as the public
  • No one should feed a seal
  • Seals in general do not pose a threat to people if left alone and not harassed
  • Respecting wild life and giving them adequate space will ensure that we can share the natural environment with them
  • Should a seal approach you, you are advised to simply back away slowly and leave the animal alone

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