I’m a Starbucks barista: 5 worst ‘icks’ customers do to get on my nerves

I’m a Starbucks barista: 5 worst ‘icks’ customers do to get on my nerves

This Starbucks employee is all worked up into a froth over her coffee clientele.
Keicha Halsell — a k a Keke Not Palmer on TikTok — is blowing the plastic lid off the worst things customers can do when ordering a cup o’ joe at the Seattle-based coffee chain.
The barista revealed in a since-deleted viral video the most annoying “icks” that people give her when they buy coffee, the Daily Mail reported.
The Florida native — who has nearly 20,000 followers and more than 1 million likes on the platform — began her now-viral clip by declaring: “I’m pretty sure I can get in trouble for this video — but I’m gonna do it anyways.”
She went on to state her Top 5 grievances that irk her while she’s whipping up caffeinated drinks: Halsell’s first pet peeve is when people are on line and then they take “another whole five minutes to tell us what they want” when they get to the cashier.

Halsell — one of a growing number of alleged Starbucks workers attempting to shine a light on workplace grievances in viral videos — also despises those who order milk alternatives such as almond, oat and soy products, but then proceed to ask for sweet cream cold foam to top the iced drink with.
She noted that the ones who are unable to drink dairy shouldn’t be adding heavy milk and cream to their beverages as the additions won’t be beneficial to them.
The worker’s next issue is with customers who order new items they have never consumed before — and in turn wind up not liking the drink.
She then has to make a “cuppa five times” until the purchaser is satisfied. “How is that on me? [It] gets on my nerves,” she groaned.
Her next irritation is when others demand a mystery drink that isn’t on the menu or is derived from TikTok, thanks to the 32.1 billion videos labeled with the #Starbucks tag.

Halsell explained: “They don’t know the recipe so I have to sit there for two minutes and watch a barista on TikTok do a drink that took two minutes to make and then take two minutes to write it down and five minutes to make it.”
Her last annoyance is when she is brewing a latte — and then, all of a sudden, the person changes their mind and claims they “forgot to say ‘iced.’ ” She added that the patron should have said that little fact earlier when Halsell was typing in the order.

According to the Daily Mail report, viewers of the since-deleted clip took to the comments and divulged that it’s workers like Halsell who make going to Starbucks an uneasy experience.
“This is why I have ordering anxiety. That’s why I’m staying home to make my own coffee,” one user sniped, while another chimed in: “This is why I just get my coffee at Speedway. Starbucks is just too much pressure.”
But there were a few fellow baristas thrown into the mix who came to Halsell’s defense with their own customer horror stories.
“My favorite was always ‘is this mine?’ ‘No ma’am. That hot coffee with the name Brian on it is in fact NOT your frap,’ ” one supporter said.

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