Freedom! Adorable dachshund uses bulldog as step stool to make her escape

Freedom! Adorable dachshund uses bulldog as step stool to make her escape

A naughty Dachshund was caught using an American bulldog as a canine ladder to jump over a kitchen gate. 

The one-year-old pup, Darcie, was caught on camera using her brother, Benson — an American Pocket Bulldog — as a step stool to get over the doggy gate put up in the kitchen by their owner. 

After continuously coming home and seeing Darcie in the window, Mary Warwick of Burbidge, Leicestershire, England, said she decided to put up a camera to see how the sausage dog was escaping from her kitchen confinement. 

“We were coming home, and she [would be sitting] in the windowsill,” she said. 

“Or I’d open the front door, and she’d come running out, and I was wondering how and why.”

But after installing a camera, Warwick was not expecting to see what she did. 

In the video above, Darcie can be seen jumping on Benson’s back before putting her paws on the top of the gate — and pulling herself to freedom. 

“She’s always been an absolute monkey since I’ve had her, and it’s only [this dog] that escapes,” said the pets’ owner. 

Warwick said Benson could easily snatch up Darcie, but he has the softest, sweetest personality — she called him a gentle giant. 

The two bystanders in the clip are Warwick’s seven-year-old brown Dachshund Mollie and four-year-old speckled Dachshund Vegas. 

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