Walking through the forest, the man saw a dog that was tied to a tree. There was a letter under the dog

Walking through the forest, the man saw a dog that was tied to a tree. There was a letter under the dog


This working week was quite difficult for Vadim: the number of leftovers did not converge in the warehouses, and the authorities were furious about the missing amount. Therefore, the man decided to walk from the bus stop to the house through the forest and this helped him not to lose his temper because for several days his nerves were at the limit. It’s good that tomorrow is a day off.

On Saturday, Vadim usually woke up at about 10 o’clock. He stretched lazily and slowly went to the bathroom. During breakfast, the man planned his day off: go to the grocery store, visit his parents, go for a run in the park, sit with friends. Everything is as usual.

However, all plans were disrupted this weekend. After breakfast, Vadim got dressed and went to the store through the forest, where he liked to walk after work. Walking along the path, the man noticed something white in the bushes. At first, like any other person, Vadim was afraid. Something bad flashed through his mind.

However, interest overcame fear. He slowly began to push aside the branches of the bushes and crept closer and closer to the incomprehensible something white. When the object was only a couple of meters away, Vadim realized that it was a beautiful dog, white as the first snow.

« My friend, what are you doing here? », Vadim asked the question aloud.

However, there was no answer. When the man came closer, he realized that someone had tied the dog to a tree, so it is here.

Vadim began to lose his temper again: what kind of injustice is happening in life? There is a mess at work, even in the forest there is a mess – how could you tie a dog to a tree??? At that moment, Vadim was angry at the whole world.

The man came closer to the animal and began to untie it, but suddenly, he noticed a white envelope on which the dog was sitting. Slowly Vadim picked up the envelope and opened it. Inside was a letter that was signed in clumsy handwriting:

« To the future owner of Umka ».

Vadim’s hands began to tremble, he unfolded a sheet of paper.

« Hello! If you are reading this letter, then I hope that you are a good person, because you have approached my dog. My name is Vanya, I am 11 years old. We have problems in the family and Umka gets from my dad. I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to protect my friend. That’s why he ended up in the forest. Please, I ask you to take Umka for yourself and take care of him. »

Vadim began to sob like a child, this was the last time at school. He untied the dog from the tree, took the leash in one hand, and gently stroked the pet with the other. The man was no longer returning home alone.

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