The UPS driver took the pit bull to her after its owner died

The UPS driver took the pit bull to her after its owner died


Every time Katie Newhauser opens the door to her truck in Cucamonga, California, a pit bull named Leo is there to greet her.

« Whenever I show up in town, he seems to be going crazy, and he wants to see me. » « He fell in love with me for some reason. He always came and licked me, » says Newhauser.

After greeting Katie, Leo jumps into a UPS truck and seems to want to go for a ride, although Newhauser can’t take him with her.

« He comes and sits down and sniffs me. When I have to leave, he doesn’t want to get out of the car, » says Newhauser.

A woman named Tina was Leo’s owner and Newhauser met her when she stopped to pet Leo.

Newhauser saw Tina walking with Leo and she stopped to pet him. « That’s how I started talking to Tina. This is how the conversation with my clients actually begins. If they have a dog, I stop, » says Newhauser.

And so it went on for more than a year, when Nyhauser came, Leo ran to her and showered her with kisses. But last October, Leo’s life changed forever.

« I was on vacation, and when I returned to work, I went to the city. I saw (Tina’s) son Cannon was pulling out furniture, I thought, « Oh, that’s weird. » I waved to him, and he waved to me. I didn’t think of anything like that, because I had to go, because the residents of the neighborhood created some problems for Leo, because he was a pit bull, and they really didn’t want him around.

Newhauser tried to call Tina, but her call was forwarded to her voicemail. Then Newhauser checked Tina’s Facebook page, and that’s when she found out what happened— Tina passed away.

Newhauser knew that Tina’s son, Cannon, was in the Marine Corps, and he was going to training, so she contacted him and found out what was going on with Leo.

« I told Cannon, I’m going to pick Leo up until you get back from training and pick him up. » He replied that everything was fine and he would pick him up next Saturday.

« I knew he had nowhere to go, and I didn’t want him to end up in a shelter, someone would treat him badly, » says Newhauser.

When she went to pick Leo up, she was without her UPS truck, but Leo recognized her nonetheless.

« He ran up to me and started barking at me, just like he did when I came by truck. »

« He immediately jumped into my car. He likes to drive, so I think I just thought he was riding. It was hard to tell that he was confused. »

Newhouser had three other dogs at home. She didn’t know how the other dogs would react to Leo, so she introduced them one by one in the backyard. But then she quickly realized that she had nothing to worry about.

« They sniffed each other for a bit, and then they started running around the backyard together, » says Newhauser. « They immediately became friends with each other. »

Leo missed Tina very much. Newhauser can’t even describe how Leo whined.

« He whines a lot at night, » says Newhauser. « I was very sad. »

Leo still whines at night sometimes, but now he has adjusted more to his new life with Newhauser, with whom he now spends all the time. And now Newhauser is very happy because Leo has become part of her family.

« He’s still a kid. He’s one of the most gentle dogs I’ve ever met, » Newhauser said. « He looks big, but if you look into his eyes, you will definitely say that he is the sweetest dog. »

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