Dog Mating Season: When Do They Breed?

Dog Mating Season: When Do They Breed?


When Is Dog Mating Season?

Is there a specific time when dogs breed? Do they start breeding at a certain time of year? As a matter of fact, domesticated dogs have no specific breeding season that corresponds to a specific time of year during which they can breed. There are two exceptions to this rule: Basenjis and Tibetan Mastiffs, which usually cycle in the spring. Based on that knowledge, what is the breeding process for dogs like?

Breeds and individual dogs can vary in the interval between when they come into heat, but dogs generally come into heat every two months. A young dog’s first cycle is normally somewhat irregular, which is to be expected when she begins to cycle for the first time. In order for a female dog to be able to develop regular cycles, it may take up to two years. Since dogs don’t have a specific breeding season, let’s learn more about when they go into heat and what behavioral changes they go through when in heat. 

When Does Heat Start in Dogs?

It is possible for dogs to go into heat as early as four months old in smaller breeds, but the average age is about six months old. It is possible for some giant breeds to not enter their first heat until they are 18-24 months old. When it comes to breeding young female dogs, it is strongly recommended that they should not be bred during their first or second cycle. They have not yet matured their eggs, and the dog has not yet reached full maturity either.  

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