Cat Gets Brought In To Be Put Down — But Kind Vet Saves Him Instead

Cat Gets Brought In To Be Put Down — But Kind Vet Saves Him Instead

 Cat Gets Brought In To Be Put Down — But Kind Vet Saves Him Instead

When some people who were out feeding a stray cat colony discovered a charming orange cat with a wounded leg, their hearts went out to him. They could tell he was in agony and didn’t want him to suffer any longer, and they sincerely believed that bringing him to the vet for euthanasia would be the kindest thing to do.

Dr. Matt McGlasson, a veterinarian, had different ideas.


 “My staff knows I have a soft spot for cats – during COVID, we actually rescued and rehabilitated four kittens while our kids were doing school from home,” Dr. McGlasson told The Dodo. “They requested that the customer sign the cat over to me.” After inspecting the cat, Dr. McGlasson concluded there was no need to euthanize him and instead decided to rehabilitate him and then find him the right forever home.

Dr. McGlasson chose to name the cute kitty Nemo with the support of his TikTok fans. Unfortunately, Nemo’s limb was damaged beyond repair and had to be amputated; nonetheless, the operation went well, and everyone was anxious to assist Nemo in adjusting to life as a three-legged cat. As Nemo recovered, it was evident that he was thankful to everyone who had helped him.

Dr. McGlasson described him as “the sweetest cat you’d ever meet.” “He adores everyone.”

Dr. McGlasson wasn’t sure he could adopt Nemo himself because he already had cats at home, but instead, one of the vet techs fell in love with him and became his forever home.

“He’s doing fantastic,” Dr. McGlasson stated. “Enjoying being a house cat, and he travels well on three legs.”

When Nemo initially came at the vet clinic, everyone felt he deserved a happy life in a forever home, and that’s precisely what they provided him.

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