Amazing wild horses Mare revolutionizing young foals future stallions Horses

Amazing wild horses Mare revolutionizing young foals future stallions Horses


Horses are beautiful and proud animals, very precious to humans for various reasons. The common terminology related to these magnificent creatures is quite diverse. Therefore, it can be a little confusing for new equestrians to understand it properly.

The terms you will most frequently hear are a mare, stallion, and gelding. Each one of these names has a specific meaning related to the horse’s age and gender. For a start, let’s see what is a mare horse.

If you are new in the horse world, it may seem irrelevant to have so many different terms for a horse. When talking about horse breeding, the difference in name meaning for females is significant. Let’s take a look.


An adult female horse is a mare. This word can also refer to a female mule, zebra, sometimes to a donkey, and other equine species. The term is typical for a three- or more years old female horse.

In the US or the UK, people involved in racehorse breeding never use this term for a female horse younger than four years old. Sometimes, the term mare can be a general name for an adult, not spayed, female horse, no matter the age.

Boss Mare

If you notice one of your mares acting bossy towards other horses, you have a herd’s boss (lead) mare. This female is the most dominant in the herd, and other members respect it.

Keep in mind that it is not necessarily the biggest female, but it is one of the oldest in the herd. However, it is often a wise and extremely confident horse.

In the wild, the boss mare’s role is to lead the herd while moving from place to place while the stallion guards the herd’s rear. When leading the herd, the boss mare looks for the best pastures and clean water, and it always drinks and eats first.

Its dominant behavior is instinct, and you should never try to discourage it. What’s more, you should try to earn its respect and trust. It won’t be easy at first, but it will make it more practical for you to handle it and the rest of the herd.


Another widespread term for a female horse is a broodmare. It is a female horse used for breeding purposes. It is common for a mare to earn this title after giving birth to the first foal.

Female horses enter the age of sexual maturity when they are around two years old. However, reputable breeders usually avoid breeding such young animals. Most horse owners prefer mares breeding once their bodies are fully developed at approximately four or five years old.

Broodmares are capable of healthy reproduction until they are around the age of twenty. In other words, a broodmare is usually a mare between the age of four and twenty.

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