A girl sings one last time to her beloved kitten minutes before it crosses the rainbow

A girl sings one last time to her beloved kitten minutes before it crosses the rainbow


A girl sings one last time to her beloved kitten minutes before it crosses the rainbow

Any girl doing something for her beloved kitten is certainly a gesture that can touch anyone, but there are stories that definitely strike a chord with us.

You’ve probably already heard of Abby and Bailey . Some time ago, the video of the girl reading a story to her cat of hers, who is placidly curled up in her arms, went viral and it is not for less. The relationship of these two touched the hearts of many.

When little Abby was born, Bailey was already in the family and was 10 years old . The connection with the girl was immediate. The cat was by the little girl’s side during her short life, like an inseparable friend who showed her incredible love.

The kitten Bailey always professed a surprising love for the girl

The first video we saw of Abby and Bailey was really touching. The little girl, who couldn’t read yet, has a book on her lap and makes up a story as she turns the pages.
The cat, in her arms, listens to her with half-closed eyes, as if appreciating every sweet moment with the little girl .
Abby’s mother was always very surprised at her daughter’s bond with the pet . She never objected to the two of them being close, especially since she was always loving to old Bailey.
Abby read stories to Bailey. She also sang to him holding him in her arms

Accustomed to hearing Abby’s voice in stories and songs, this murmur seemed to be the best consolation in Bailey’s life , but the years pass and unfortunately, even if we wish it were different, a pet cannot be with us forever.
Bailey fell ill with kidney failure and this terrible disease shortened his life . A few days before Christmas, Abby had to face a very difficult moment: saying goodbye to her best friend forever.
The last time Abby sang for Bailey before he died

The farewell of the girl and the cat could not be more tender and moving . She sings to him, with immense sweetness, “You are my sun”, while the pussycat clings to her for the last time. This video is probably one of the most moving things you see today.
Abby’s mother explained that minutes after this scene, Bailey passed away . She died in peace, assures her owner, filled with the immense love that the girl knew how to profess for her in those four years in which they were inseparable.
Bailey left receiving this warm kiss of love from Abb

The story of Abby and Bailey did not take long to go viral and thousands of people wanted to comfort the broken heart of the little girl and her younger sister , Hannah, who had lost an important member of the family.
On Christmas day, the girls received hundreds of cards and gifts , in consolation for an irreplaceable loss.
Abby and Hannah were surprised with dozens of gifts for Christmas after Bailey’s departure went viral

The girls’ mother was truly surprised to see how many strangers had taken the time and thoughtfulness to send these details.
Of course, he deeply appreciated all the solidarity and love and assured on his social networks that Bailey’s memory will remain intact in the hearts of this family . Goodbye Bailey. Thank you for making other people happy with your purrs.
Nobody can replace Bailey in the heart of this sweet girl

It is a beautiful friendship that touches anyone’s heart. This unconditional love of Abby and Bailey deserves never to be forgotten. I wish all children were raised with the same love for their pets.

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