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1. [+213, -4]
I want to say that this is so nitpicky... But at the same time, it's true that we don't have legendary actors from the past in our dramas nowadays. People like Jun Jihyun, Jung Woosung, Kang Dongwon, Son Yejin, etc.. Right now, all the young actors are charming, but compared to the visuals of the actors who are in their 40-50s in their prime time, they're a shame

2. [+208, -19]
???? Just try to fit Han Yeseul as Gook Yeonsoo and Go Soo as Choi Woong. They won't suit their images at all.. They're casting people who fit the image of the characters. Is it required by law to hire f*cking handsome and pretty people?

3. [+208,-25]
For real, the actors' visuals have became downwardly standardized 

4. [+84, -11]
For me, I prefer what I'm seeing nowadays. We're having more variety in faces and honestly, I can't understand when we have scenes in the drama where there's a super pretty actress but in the script, people are calling them ''average-looking" and "ugly"? Whenever I see scenes like that I just wonder "What the hell?"

5. [+81, -10]
But why did they pick such an ugly picture below?... If you watch them in motion, they're actually handsome and pretty

6. [+56, -1]
Of course we had more standard beauties and handsome men in the past

7. [+45, -2]
We don't have pretty boys like Go Soo, Kang Dongwon, Wonbin, Gong Yoo and Jung Woosung anymoreㅠㅠ It's indeed a shame.. Nowadays, the trend has been individuality... But even for women, after Tae-Hye-Ji (Kim Taehii, Song Hyegyo, Jun Jihyun) it's been flat.. Looks are one thing but I can't even tell if their acting got better either. Even when you look at Jo Seungwoo in his 20s, he had crazy acting skills, but nowadays actors in their 20s can't actㅠㅠ

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