1. I cannot get support from everyone. The best is to do things according to my beliefs/intentions. This is because people who hate me will hate me no matter what I do

2. If you buy a car, your quality of life will change. Seriously, even if you can't afford it right now, I would recommend you getting a car if your late 20's..... You will understand once you get it... I'm not a golden spoon. I just worked at my part-time job like crazy for 6 months and bought my car in a lump sum

3. Having a high self-esteem isn't a good thing. If you have high self-esteem but having no skills to back it up will just end up with people viewing you like an empty can.

4. Even so, if you want to have higher self-esteem, start running towards it now. Things will start to look different after 3 months...

5. "Clothes-fit" is seriously something you're born with.... No matter how much time I got to he gym, my frame is just... ㅠㅠ not changing... And for the size of my face, then...

6. Time goes by fast. I was seriously shocked when I saw my parents' white hairs... Also, my age ㅠㅠㅠ

7. It's good to be kind to a reasonable extent. If you're too kind, people will exploit it. You have to be firm with the things you hate and turn down the things you want to turn down.

8. There's nothing obvious in this world. I also lived my life healthily and cheerfully but hurt my waist severely once and realized that health isn't something I'll always have..... after that, I became thankful for everything

9. Don't try to persuade your friend who's into pseudo-religions. If their faith was so weak that they could change with the things you say, they would've came out long time ago.... it's better to just give up or tell their parents about it. Afterwards, just cut ties.... seriously, the relationship will just go south if you stay with them.

10. Celebrities are also human. I always viewed celebrities, sports stars, political figures and YouTubers as being different from commoners but it's not the case... they also eat, poop, get mad, fart, curse, pick their nose and do everything you do.... They are humans like us. However, they became famous by discovering and polishing their talents.

11. Even if friends betray you, money will never betray you. This is the thing that saddened me the most as I got older... money is the best...

12. You never know how people can turn out. Seriously, hitting rock bottom only lasts one moment and hitting the roof also only lasts one moment... you should never give up. How can anyone know how your life will be?

13. Between the things you like and the things you're good at, always choose the things that you're good at

14. Your school cliques are more important than you think.... you will understand once you go out in society. It doesn't only apply to being employed but also marriage, dating, business, first impressions, part-time jobs, etc. There's not one bad thing that can happen if you have a good academic clique... 

15. Don't be kind to everyone. There are some people in the innocent ones who think that everyone is just as nice as them and... uhm... they are not. There are a lot of trash humans in this world.

16. Don't worry too much. Even if you think that they are only small worries, you may have a lot of them. Worrying won't change anything.

17. Don't maintain your relationships just because you are clinging unto the past. There are a lot of good people in the world. Don't stay with someone sh*tty just because you've been friends with them for a long time.

18. The kids who talk big actually don't achieve much. So don't be too scared

19. Saying that studying is the easiest thing is BS. If you studied seriously, it will even take a toll on your body..... But I've seen a lot of people who study sloppily and claim that it's easy. When my uncle went to law school, he lost 20 kg...

20. Don't overanalyze too much about what other people say. There aren't a lot of people who speak when thinking carefully about their words. 

21. Try to have a time of the day when you can turn off your phone... it's seriously so good. For my case, I close my phone 3 hours before sleeping and meditate while listening to the ocean waves... it's so nice...

22. If you don't know what you should do right now, just try to pick up anything. Especially exercising and travelling.

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1. [+100, -76]
Please write again in 10 years after you get more life experience~

2. [+90, -1]
Everything is right but you really have to think about marriage carefully. Even if you follow a dozen of these advices and become a cool person, you will hit rock bottom in one instant if you marry the wrong person. Don't make decisions in the heat of the moment. You should think about at least hundreds of situational simulations and if you think that they are the right person, then marry them. If I could go back in time, I would live alone

3. [+54, -9]
I don't know about the rest but #2 is not it. You should save as much money as you can in your 20's and buy a house in your 30's

4. [+29, 0]
When you're young, your friends are the best. Even the friends with whom you're sharing your memories with only last a moment and you will grow apart. So let's all treat our family, partner and kids better

5. [+18, 0]
OP must still be in their early 30's

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