[enter-talk] NCT DREAM VS NCT 127

[enter-talk] NCT DREAM VS NCT 127

Who do you think is more popular?

Vote up - Dream 
Vote down - 127

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1. [+63, -16]
If you ask people about which NCT songs they know, Kick It will come out the most often 

2. [+51, -18]
In terms of the impression/identiy they make, NCT Dream 

3. [+47, -17]

4. [+42, -2]
The company pushes 127, but Dream's fandom is stronger

5. [+35, -2]
They used to be my bias in the past, but in terms of core fandom, Dream is awfully solid. 127 have a lot of individual fans but Dream have a lot of all-fans so it's easier for them to unite, because they put a lot of affection in the team as a whole, of course Dream can't help but gain more popularity... Although NCT's biggest hit song comes from 127, I can't say that they're ahead of Dream in terms of public recognition. If you look at the various index of their scores, Dream is higher in most of them.. Even though they're getting less pushed by the company 

6. [+29, -11]
SM pushes 127 more but Dream is more popular 

7. [+25, -7]
Isn't 127 better in terms of general public? Even on Pann, when they mention the hit songs from NCT they talk about Kick It and Cherrybomb 

8. [+21 ,-1]
If you look at Melon alone, Dream's songs are all more popular. Even their side tracks have above 90,000 listeners

9. [+19, -0]
I'm honestly another group's fan, but shouldn't it be 127? Their hit songs include Kick It and Cherrybomb, Taeyong on SWF and Jaehyun's visuals get mentioned a lot of PANN

10. [+19, -4]
Compared to the amount of pushing they have from the company, Dream is obviously more popular 

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