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1. The black short hair... the main vocal looked like they were having such a hard time because the song is too high, the black short hair seriously can't sing 

2. I'm shocked at how bad they were... 

3. People who found this okay... I want to know who you're fangirling over

4. Let alone whether they did well or not, the high pitched parts in the chorus seriously hurt my ears

5. Park Jiwon and Song Hayoung did well 

6. The trainee that I liked in Idol School (LHY) was a victim from the rigging, to think that she could've hit big makes me so sad... 

7. Since when this have become the standard....

8. The high notes are so high so it's possible to struggle, but how can someone struggle even hitting a single note in their own song?

9. Even commoners can sound like that by just going quack quack

10. The way they're singing without any confidence makes it even worse

11. But even other groups, during encores only the good kids are doing well and those who don't suck or are just on mute, so what's the difference? Is it because the trend for idols nowadays have been performance? I feel like all idols' vocals are a disappointment 

12. Embarrassment 

13. Park Jiwon did well, wasn't she the main vocal in JYP?? The short hair though... 

14. People keep saying the chorus is too high, but that's the impression they're giving. I don't even know if this is considered good as a whole, but the short hair was seriously severe

15. I feel like none of them hit the key right.... And one of them is seriously severe

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