Today, We received a very big and meaningful award. 

Actually, this is something I really didn't know. I got so shocked that I couldn't say everything I had in mind, so I'm writing them here. 

The moment the name was called along with the big award, a lot of thoughts came to my mind. 
Before debuting, when I was training, I dreamed a big and inflated dream. A big prize like the Daesang was a big part of that inflated dream. However, as time passed, I stopped thinking about the distant future and ran around busily thinking only about the immediate. My inflated dream started shrinking and disappearing and I could feel it. At first, I felt sad and regretful, but those emotions started piling up. 

Today, when they called out the name, I thought about the times I dreamed that big dream and I was so filled with emotions that I couldn't speak. 
I'm grateful for not forgetting the dream I thought had disappeared. 

I was worried and wondered whether we could win such a big award, but to the precious and kind fans who did everything to support us by saying "I hope we receive a lot of love", I want to repay them with a grateful heart rather than worries. 

Because I'm receiving your precious hearts, I will work even harder and show you a well-matched album and performance. I thank you so much again. To the fans who watched today's stage and award show, thank you. 

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1. So he thinks the award is his no matter how they got it

2. This guy always releases something whenever he receives an award, must be nice to be his fan, congrats congrats

3. Precious Doyoung, I'll always support you πŸ’š

4. Congrats, but can they let us at least know how they got the award? 

5. He's humble and this was a well written post filled with gratitude

6. So do you guys expect him to say "I don't think we deserved the award"?? Seriously the comments mocking him for being thankful... You guys are the worst

7. Does he not know his own group's results?

8. I know he's grateful towards his fans, but I can't help but wonder if he reaaaaaally had to make this post

9. Congrats congrats congrats congrats. The kids here making sarcastic remarks, please just go live a bit in reality γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ So you guys want him to not greet the fans and say that he didn't deserve the award to be satisfied? Why is it bad that he's thanking the fans? You guys are f*cking sarcastic 

10. How shameless. Do people think this is it? Of course, it'll follow him in their record

11. Doyoung-ah congrats!!!! 
Do you guys think that singers even know what the standards of winning are? 
Why are people swearing at him for thanking the fans? 
You guys are f*cking deranged

12. Is he not embarrassed... He knows himself what the truth is... His mentality is strong

13. He's not embarrassed?γ…‹γ…‹

14. The singer is thanking his fans with no ill intentions, the kids here mocking him probably think they're some apostle of justice, but all I can see is some people with no lives outside in reality 

15. He write a good post

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