'Fromis_9' has become a big trend among girl groups 4 years into their debut.

[...] Through the mini-album 'Midnight Guest' released on the 17th, their ability to pull off concepts as well as their star factor has received recognition.

Their growing influence is also evidenced by the numbers. According to their agency Pledis Entertainment, the first week sales of 'Midnight Guest' recorded 104,438 copies. This is almost three times the number from Fromis_9's second single '9 WAY TICKET' (37,000 copies) released in May of last year.

In particular, 10,44,38 million copies were among the top 9 albums released by girl groups domestically in the past two years. ‘Midnight’ pre-orders reached 120,000 copies. On the first day of release alone, it sold close to 50,000 copies.

It also stood out on overseas charts. On the iTunes album chart, it ranked first in a total of 4 countries/regions and ranked in the top 10 in a total of 18 countries/regions. On the Japan Rakuten Music Monthly Chart released on the 26th, it took second place for about 9 days.

The music video for the title song 'DM' surpassed 20 million YouTube views within 6 days of its release. This is the shortest record among Fromis_9's music video.


Then, the title song 'We Go' of 'Nine Way Ticket' was re-emerged as word of mouth spread. The members' watery appearance and the image of a refreshing song interlocked, creating synergy.


As expected, there was synergy. Fromis_ released a special single 'Talk & Talk' in September of last year as a declaration ceremony after transferring to Pledis. With this song, they were able to enjoy the joy of winning first place on a music show after about 3 years and 8 months of debut.


The role of Pledis was also great in this growth. Pledis's planning and public relations power greatly strengthened the rise of Fromis_9 as a trend. Of course, it would not have been possible without the original content and the charm of the members.

In the end, Pledis signing of Fromis_9 became a win-win for the company and team. In particular, the lineup of the group within Hybe, to which Pledis belongs, is especially breath-taking. As the only girl group under Hybe Labels, they gave gained a symbolic existence. With this album, Hybe went out to prove that they can handle a girl group.

Noteworthily, it is meaningful that Hybe Labels has now become a growth house for girl groups that will be poured out in the future.


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1. They're not the big trend alright 

2. Are they really calling them a big trend by winning #1 because they were smart about the timing...?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don't know about their songs now, but Love Bomb and Feel Good were the only songs that received some degree of exposure

3. Bullsh*t they're nothing but a school violence + rigged group 

4. Scaling up a rigged group will bring failure to KPOPㅠ

5. Really...? I don't think so. Do they not know what 'big trend' means? Or did the word's meaning change...?

6. But once Hybe releases their actual girl group, they'll easily surpass them in terms of records

7. Hybe's media play sure is severe

8. Calling a girl group without a single hit big trend?

9. Hybe needs to stay still, don't mediaplay on rigged idols

10. A forced "big trend"

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