Words that are English/Hangulized English will be in bold Italic ie) Silver Club

Silver Club, Contemporary... Hangul day that would make King Sejong cry (t/n: King Sejong is the one who invented and popularized Hangul and got rid of Hanja) 

This is a department store in Seoul 

"Young, cool, hip and everything else"

Client in their 80s: people like me are feeling uncomfortable. I come here because I need things but usually, I would ask people around me to go there. This is more comfortable for me

(Q): Do you know what they mean by concierge?
Oh Yerim, teen: No

(Q): Do you know what they imply by something contemporary?
Park Jiae, Moon Jowon, teens: It's my first time seeing this 

The reaction from an American

Hasna, American: Young character? I don't know what they mean by that. It feels like they're just mashing 2 ambiguous words together

The app for the department store

Q: Do you know where to click to enter the department's store's restaurant just by looking?
Goo Doyeon, 70s: I have no idea

Ji Boram, 30s: Ah I'm not sure, ah it was there"

Kim Taehyung, 20s: I'm taken aback, I don't even know what I'm searching for

Im Woosoon, 50s: Space, Art, Culture. Maybe there? Wow. (Q: it's not there) This is really hard. Why do they have to use English? 

*Gave up*

They wrote English in big and the Korean words very small

Hong Sungin, Seoul Dorim-dong: This isn't a place only for foreigners, this should be a smoking area with Korean written on it too to be balanced right?

Apartments are the most severe..

A senior citizens' habitation 

Parking for academy

For reference, the xian that sounds like a Chinese place is actually XI an(Jai-an), people living in Xi (t/n: pronounced Jai, it's a place near Banpo in Seoul)... But they had to display it in Korean
There's also Lotte Castle where they wrote Castlian ...
I'm so embarrassed
(t/n: In Korea, apartments and buildings have names, usually in English. It's a bit hard to explain, but when you write their address, you need to include the buildings' names rather than just house numbers)

The people living the The Sharp are introduced as Sharpian... And Sharp Square
I've seen it in some articles

I would've understood if this was a tea shop, but it's just a public space in an apartment square with chairs and tables... But they called it Tea House

Recycling area

An apartment's security guard office is now called Information
And another apartment's map is also called Information
Yet another apartment's notice board is called Information

They just write 'P' for parking now, looks like this is the big trendㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Family garden (t/n: the Hangul part is just hangulized 'Garden Farm')

Street stall 

This has become so familiar in busses for a long time already... 

Transfer stop area

Jeju 4.3Pyeonghwa Park (t/n: Pyeonghwa means peace)

All the local government operated businesses are in English
But all of those are touristic attractions so they're using English
The responses have been both good and sad.. 

+ A lot of comments are mentioning makeup too so I'm posting a few

This is a peel off pack for your face, but the shape and the name of the product is a strawberry jam

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1. ㅋㅋ For who are they using this English?

2. Seriously grandmas have no idea what takeout is... Please just write pojang instead (t/n: pojang = takeout) 

3. This is seriously severely annoying, they're using nonsense English on top of itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

4. The way they're translating those cosmetic goods in English makes it look even more low qualityㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. I don't really see the problem writing P for parking... But the rest are indeed annoying 

6. Our grandmother went to the public bath where they wrote body lotion and body wash, she didn't know which one was which so she came out washing herself with body lotion and had to go in again to wash herselfㅠㅠ...Can they please write the names in Hangul in big please

7. To say it's annoying is an understatement, even foreigners have no idea what this English is supposed to mean so for who are they doing this for exactly?

8. We need to start regulating this. This is the country of Korea, we need to stop making English the standard language here

9. I went to a hotel not long ago and all the signs were in English... There was seriously not a single Korean word in the elevator...

10. Our apartment is a senior citizens residency and it's called Senior Houseㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's so annoyingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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