[teens stories] LET'S WRITE A LETTER TO MYSELF IN 2023

[teens stories] LET'S WRITE A LETTER TO MYSELF IN 2023

Let's write down everything you want to say to yourself, let's meet again here in January 1st 2023.ㅜㅜ

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1. [+182, -1]
F*ck if you fail the SAT 3 times, I'll kill you 

2. [+68, -0]
Congrats on becoming an adultㅋㅋ Please live a pretty life

3. [+50, -4]
Did all your illnesses got better? 

4. [+15, -1]
20 years old me, first of all, you have endured your teens full of violence well. Did you pass your qualification exam? You're already preparing to enter college. Even if you have to retake it, if you're about to get accustomed to the academy's curriculum, you're a success to me. The you between 2020 and 2021 found it hard adjusting to going to winter school, but you were able to become resilient and grow through it. So if you're already able to enter university, I will understand if you didn't have the greed to enter a better university, although it's a bit of a shame. This must've been the best choice out there. Are you finally going to pilates right now? Have your body gotten better? If you see this in 2023, I'll be proud of you 

5. [+14, -0]
Even if it gets hard, don't give up for the you of 1 year ago 

6. [+13, -0]
Where are you right now? Were you able to resolve all the bitterness in your heart?

7. [+11, -0]
Congrats on the f*cking success in entering collegeㅋㅋ  Finally you can relax

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