[life stories/theqoo] IS MY LIFE AS A 31 Y.O PATHETIC?

[life stories/theqoo] IS MY LIFE AS A 31 Y.O PATHETIC?

I will be a 31 y.o woman this year..
I'm a freelancer so I work from home a lot
I live alone with my dogs..

Above me is my unnie who went to a prestigious university and is an office worker at a big company
She got married and got a child and is now 33 y.o. She's both doing childcare and going to work at her company.

But since I turned 31 this year, my parents and relatives have started to view me as a little bit pathetic which worries me..

First of all, it's been 4 years since I had a boyfriend
I have too many things to do at home so doing things alone in my home is what's most comfortable and fun to me..

I have my puppies (2 of them) so I never feel alone
I like Crayon Shin Chan and Atashin'chi so I would watch them on my big TV while laying on my sofa everyday and I love it...

When it's afternoon, I would go on a walk with my dogs
I usually work at night (from home)
So I only work then... I just live normally like this

I don't really have thoughts about dating or marriage..
I thought that I at least needed a house so I bought one after investing all my soul into it.. But my parents would say things like "you might enjoy your life right now but you won't later on so try looking for love a bit."

They nag me saying that as you get older, your opportunities to date get smaller
Maybe they are right?
Do I have to force myself to meet someone? ㅠ

I'm so annoyed at how my family views me in a pathetic wayㅠ
They say that I'm only working and reading mangas at home everyday

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1. [+84, -2]
You're not pathetic at all! You're enjoying your life on your own and are happy so shouldn't that be all that matters? I think that the fact that you're satisfied with your life is enough

2. [+57, -2]
If you do have thoughts on marriage, then I would recommend you to work towards it, but if you strongly desire to stay unmarried, don't worry about it. But please change your night work schedule.. Working at night is seriously unhealthy

3. [+42, -2]
Make sure to get a lot of insurance.. you won't be troubled when you get sick.. I bet that having a lot of pension money is even better than kids... so when your parents say that you'll have a hard time later in life, tell them "then should I take care of my unnie's kids when she's old?". Tell them that they shouldn't worry about your future


(T/n: the post from TheQoo is a copy from Pann)

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1. I'm f*cking jealous

2. She has a house and two dogs and she makes enough to raise them both so what's pathetic about her life?..ㅠㅠ I'm so jealous

3. She gets her work done so what's there to pity..?

4. She seems f*cking happy

5. She earns enough to eat and live. She has a house and 2 dogs. Rather, that's an enviable life

6. First of all, the fact that she can comfortably raise her 2 dogs means that she's living the godly life...

7. She's living the godly life. Let's not forget that you can live your happiest life unmarried too

8. So cool, she even has a house

9. I'm jealous, she seems so free

10. Is she trying to brag about her godly life??ㅠㅠ I'm jealous

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