"It hurt my heart so much to watch such a difficult video. I'm crying and I'm angry. How can you film like this in today's world.... This is such a terrible thing to do towards humans and animals, were there even anyone who instantly dashed towards the horse to check if it was ok? Just whose idea was it to come up with such a nonsense way of filming.."

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I find Taeyeon very cool to speak out like this with courage at the level she is at. I really hope nobody go search this video up... I know you can't help it if you run across a gif of it, but it'll shatter your mind. Now I can understand why humans are being punished with Corona 100x. It's even more shocking when you know it's not the first time things like this happen

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Taeyeon, Yoo Yeonseok and Park Sungkwang are all public figures. And Yoo Yeonseok being an actor himself on top of it, it must've not been easy for them to speak up, but it's nice to see them venting their anger out... If you're a person, of course this should be something to get angry over. But to speak out about it isn't easy 

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The majority of people who watched the actual video would've reacted the same way.. It was just shocking.. I thought it was done through CG. If the actual video never came out, people would've never known about this d*ath

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I'm crying f*ck... I can't bring myself to watch a video with the horse in pain, let alone just reading about the post, my heart feels heavy. all I can do for Kkami (horse's name) is to sign the national petition and I feel so sorry for this. Those f*ckers actors who aren't giving any attention to the case and who agreed to ab*se a hose are the same. To me, they're all one and the same. The trash director and producers and all the staff f*ckers who let this happen on the shooting site. I hope you guys d*e an even worse d*ath than the horse

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You're normal if you were angered by this. Taeyeon is cool 

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