There is a bit of an understatement. In fact, not only was Son Naeun busy with her drama schedule, she has recorded and filmed this special album with her members and was waiting for the full-length promotion. However, with the album release schedule being variable, it was delayed a bit from the originally scheduled time, so it was difficult to coordinate with the schedule for the next work. Son Naeun said through her agency, "It is a pity that we cannot participate in this activity due to schedule problems, but we ask for a lot of support for the special album and the members."

Some fans reacted aggressively by saying, 'Son Naeun sprinkled ashes on Apink's 10th anniversary', but as a member of Apink, Son Naeun, who is currently working on another project, did the best she could in her position as a member of Apink. 
However, the fans rather focus on "promotions" rather than the full group's project, and were disappointed for not being able to see all 6 members of Apink on broadcast.

Although it is not possible to see Apink's full group on stage for their 10th anniversary special album, the process of the group achieving the '10th anniversary' and still shien as a team while working separately and together, which is difficult in itself as an idol group should be enough to receive encouragement and applause. 

She wanted to make time for the promotion and he was planning to participate, but they kept pushing the date later and in the end, she couldn't.. The agencies and Apink members are the ones who had a mismatch 

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1. [+230, -12]
No but the thing that I find the funniest with Apink fans is this. Regardless of whether Park Chorong's school violence was true or not, because of this waste of time, the members couldn't have their full group comeback and we had to wait for an entire year. Did the fans just decide to forget this? Of course, we should be waiting for Park Chorong, but when Son Naeun is the one telling us to wait, we call her irresponsible? Of course the 5 other members are under one company so it's easier for them to adjust their schedules, and the company was trying to negotiate the schedule but couldn't meet their ends... So why are you guys blaming the singer instead?ㅋㅋ I know people are disappointed, but this whole atmosphere is weird;; 

2. [+183, -6]
Because of the lawsuit on Chorong's school violence, we had to push back the comeback for 1 year. Now, Naeun went to another agency and she also has her individual promotions, of course if they can't coordinate the schedules, they won't be able to meet. The real reason for the comeback delay is because of the school violence lawsuit. 

3. [+127, -47]
Son Naeun is seriously pitiful. Her image isn't super friendly and she can't say anything. But she did her best to attend their 10th year anniversary but the akgaes are the ones making rumors, I would've escaped too if I were her 

4. [+69, -2]
Son Naeun fighting. Her hate was unwarranted. People just want to hate

5. [+65, -5]
First of all, people were releasing hate posts about her for an entire day on enter-talk. But I knew Son Naeun wasn't at faultㅋㅋㅋ She's not even a criminal and she has no controversies. From another group's fan's perspective, it just looks like the fans are trying to vent their anger

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