t/n: DanceKang/Ddaeng-ggang is a popular Youtuber who covers video in a comedic way, he's known for his camera angles

"What the f*ck is DanceKang doing?ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
He's f*cking unlikable... If you're going to dance, do it properly. his expressions are f*cking disgusting it makes me want to barf
Kep1er is the only group to which he's dancing like a f*cker... Do you think you're something just because you've invited a few celebrities to your house? Do you think that doing this will put you at the level of Seunghonsseu? (T/n: popular Korean tiktoker who's known for using his face in a funny way)"

"Are people really going to continue shielding him even when he dances to male idols and female idols dances like that? Just because he's always been like this..?? I don't understand the shield.."

"Who cares about his expressions or what not, we should just stop giving DanceKang any interest f*ck. Just because we gave some NEET gay attention, it allowed him to invite celebrities to his house. This is seriously f*cked up. For real, why do they go to his house? This is f*cked up" 

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Even his subscribers agreed so stop saying this is only coming from the fans, it's low~
"DanceKang nim, this time your video isn't considered trivial "fun", I thought your expressions were very oddㅠㅠ I feel like people might think that you're trying to mock [Kep1er]. I feel like you should be considered a public figure to the point where even celebrities visit you at your house, so putting up a cover video like this can make Kep1er feel bad to a certain degree right? It's not even how Kep1er act on stage...ㅠ" 

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I hope their song goes from 102nd to 100th in the daily chart. Now that they've stopped promotions, their momentum is lacking. I'm rather thankful for him covering their dance

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Kep1er's WA DA DA was #7~#8 on Japan's biggest music platform Apple Music for 2 weeks, and it's still above average. They also hit #5 on Tik Tok's weekly background music. There are a lot of people who have danced to their songs on TikTok with people changing it up with Zero Two's dance. What DanceKang is doing is actually beneficial to rookies 

4. [+107, -2]
No but I was indeed taken aback by this video, even as a non-fan of Kep1er.. 

5. [+103, -18]
The person who posted this is actually a Enhypen fan
"Crazy my cheeks" 

6. [+82, -3]
I went to watch to see how severe it was and it's indeed a bit much...? He did get famous for acting over the top but I do find that he was a bit unpleasant this time.. 

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