(retweeting Hyunjae's covid update) t/n: for those who are confused, Eric was the one who allegedly caught it first while eating out with friends during awards season, and other members started testing positive
"Yah this is nonsense. Eric f*cking withdaw faster"

The Boyz' Lee Hyunjae's fansite is scaryㄷㄷ

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If I were her, I would've been like that too. Just how pissed off she must've been. This isn't the first or second time for Eric. He keeps creating issues for The Boyz and forcing them into taking breaks during the promotion. He's seriously uncontrollable and he doesn't help the group at all. He's just a thug creating controversies all the time 

2. [+153, -6]
If my bias was hindered because of him, I'd be like that too 

3. [+71, -2]
Is she really a fansite? I don't think her name sounds like one 

4. [+66, -3]
It's an overstatement to call her a fansite, she's more of a fangirl who likes taking pictures of them. Her twitter profile even says she's not a fansite. She's just a fangirl who takes pictures (T/n: not sure what the distinction is here) sigh. Deobies, let's not fight between us. Let's just let this slide

5. [+49, -0]
Yah but if you're a Deobie you'd know why not only this time, but this guy has been an hindrance for so many freaking times.. 

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No but I wonder how much he did that she got this pissed? You obviously meet a lot of people in award shows so it's the time you need to be the most careful going around... Honestly, Eric only caught it because he went to eat with his acquaintances. And after that, the members started testing positive one after the other. They also had to cancel their award show attendance and had to halt all their schedules. They're also testing their staffs everyday because of that. Just what crime did the other members commit? And this isn't the first or second time Eric is doing something 

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Eric is the one who went bowling without a mask too and when we were entering level 4 of lockdown, he went to an amusement park and got sworn at again, it was Eric too right? He just acts without care

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